Rumor: Resident Evil Outrage may be a temporary Switch exclusive revealed at Nintendo Direct E3

Rumors are swirling about a new Resident Evil game called Resident Evil Outrage in advance of Capcom’s E3 presentation today and the Nintendo E3 Direct show tomorrow. The game previously known as Resident Evil Revelations 3 is supposedly going to be a timed Nintendo Switch exclusive, so may get revealed at one of the remaining E3 shows. If correct, the rumors state that the Resident Evil Outrage Switch release date may be later this year.

What is Resident Evil Outrage?

Resident Evil Outrage

If the rumors are correct, Resident Evil Outrage is the new name for the game that was previously Revelations 3, the next game in that particular side series that hasn’t had a release since 2015.

RE Outrage will star Rebecca Chambers, the youngest member of the S.T.A.R.S. team, who appeared in the very first Resident Evil game and was playable in prequel game Resident Evil Zero but hasn’t really been seen since. It would be third-person, similar to other Revelations games.

The rumors come from Dusk Golem, a.k.a. @AestheticGamer on Twitter, who has been reporting on Outrage for a while now, and a list of the timeline of these supposed leaks can be found at Biohazardcast. Dusk Golem has been one of the more reliable sources for Capcom leaks, and recently talked about how Dragon’s Dogma 2 will use the Resident Evil engine.

One of the main points Dusk Golem states is that Resident Evil Outrage will be a temporary Switch exclusive, which they say is mostly thanks to the trouble Capcom had in attempting to port Resident Evil 7 over to Switch and the absence of Resident Evil Village on Nintendo’s popular platform. However, they do say that Outrage/Revelations 3 will definitely come to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S too.

While this is all just rumors, they have been persisting for several years now (since around 2017 supposedly) with the most recent leaks stating that the game could be revealed this E3 for a release in late 2021. If it’s indeed a temporary Switch exclusive it may get revealed at Nintendo Direct tomorrow. It’s not on our list of predictions for Nintendo’s show, but here’s how to watch the Direct to find out for yourself.

As for the most recent Resident Evil game, here’s why our reviewer thought Resident Evil Village was “a good game that could have been a classic.”