E3 2016: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gets A Very Pretty New Look

As shown (very briefly) at last night's Sony press conference, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been remade from the ground up for current-gen systems. A full 1080p/60fps experience awaits those who purchase the deluxe edition of this November's Infinite Warfare. We've just seen the classic helicopter-to-tanker-and-back-to-helicopter opening in real-time, and it is glorious.

As the engagement begins on said helicopter, instantly the colors and the rain-soaked outfits of your squad seems to pelt the viewer with each drop. Once onboard the soon-to-be-sunk tanker, the action ramps up. There's a real sense of purpose that is even more visceral now. Walking the deck, feeling the rattle of an assault rifle is thunderous, powerful.

As expected, the "go go go!" momentum is just as exciting as it was back in 2007. Oh, and hey, if you plan on playing on the PS4, you'll get to play MWF: RM thirty days earlier! In October.

The lightning as seen in these images is sharp, but even more impressive is seeing every pop and stop excursion in motion. Even when close up to a insignia or the blinking lights of the ship's console, every spec looks sharp. You don't really realize how ingrained these moments are in our collective Call of Duty conscience until you revisit such a spectacular set piece like this years later…

Although Infinite Warfare will be most anticipated CoD this year (read our interview with one of the developers here), Modern Warfare is shaping up to be a masterful (or "remasterful") production of one the best shooters ever made. However, the remaster of Modern Warfare will not be sold separately (for now) and will be bundled with a purchase of Infinite Warfare,