WoW Legion: Which Broken Isles Zone Should You Level In First?

World of Warcraft: Legion handles leveling very differently than past expansions. Similar to Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm, you'll have a choice from several zones from where to begin your adeventure. However, instead of two choices you will have four.

As a matter of fact, there are a total of four zones that you can visit to level up at the Broken Isles, and you can choose which to visit first, and in which order to do them. This has been paired with a new scaling mechanic which alters the attributes of enemies you engage depending on your level. Due to this, you have a remarkable amount of freedom for how you grind from level 100 to 110.

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Given how abrupt of a change this is, many players aren't sure which zone to start at. The truth is that there is no best level to start at. Instead, it's more about your tastes. So, below we will go over the vital information for each of the four zones so that you can pick the one that's most interesting to you.


Lore: Home to the ruins of an ancient Night Elf civilization. Now corrupted by the Burning Legion, it is home to many distressed ghosts and blue dragonflight. It is also a magical place, home to a renowned magical academy

Style: Serene with mid-tones, this zone is known for its tall mountains and large bodies of water. There are long stretches of sandy beaches with Naga architecture surrounding them.

Faction: Court of Farondis, a ghostly group that seeks to rid Azsuna of its curse.

Enemies: Dragons, Naga, Spirits, Murlocks, and Elves.

Most Similar To: Terokkar Forest (Burning Crusade) and Desolace (Cataclysm).

​High Mountain

Lore: Highmountain Tauren and Drogbar dwell here where they wage war against one another. Also home to the Lair of the Earth-Warder, Neltharion's former residence. The famous Hemet Nessingwary is said to be coming to the zone.

Style: Tall, rough terrain with pristine wilderness. Peppered with narrow water flows as well as snowy mountaintops. Villages are tribal in nature.

Faction: Highmountain Tribe, a nomadic group of Tauren.

Enemies: Drogbar, Harpies, Elementals, and Animals.

Most Similar To: ​Grizzly Hills (Wrath of the Lich King) and Stonetalon Mountains (Vanilla).


Lore: Two warring Titan keepers reside here, along with the Kvaldir and Valkyr. Also home of the Halls of Valor, a Vrykul heaven in the clouds.

Style: Tall, squarely-shaped mountain ridges packed with pine trees and ongoing storms that create rough seas. Tall sculptures representing notable characters can be seen from a distance.

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Faction: Valarjar, an ascended group of Vrykul who serve Odyn.

Enemies: Dragons, Whelps, Kvaldir, Valkyr, Spirits.

Most Similar To: Storm Peaks (Wrath of the Lich King) and Azshara (Vanilla).


Lore: The place where Malfurion Stormrage became the first Druid, and is therefore the origin of druidism. More recently it has been invaded by Satyr led by Xavius the Nightmare Lord.

Style: A beautiful land with dense, green trees, flowers, and flows of fresh water. Portions of the map have been tarnished by the Satyr.

Faction: Dreamweavers, a group of Druids who guard the Emerald Dream.

Enemies: Satyr, Furbolg, and Harpies.

Most Similar To: Moonglade (Vanilla) and Feralas (Vanilla).