WoW Classic hackers are already ruining the game

Less than a month after launch, it seems that there are already WoW Classic hackers loose in the game world. The retro-esque MMORPG experience created by Blizzard Entertainment has proved wildly popular with fans both old and new alike, but popularity also brings with it a fair share of problems. One of those problems is people cheating at the game, and we may have gotten our first look at these hacks in action. What’s worse, it happened during a livestream from one of the more notable Twitch streamers.

JokerdTV, who’s best known as the first person to publicly reach Level 60 after many a sleepless night, was doing a bit of PvE fighting in The Hushed Bank, an area of the contested Duskwood region towards the Western side of the zone. As he let the fireballs fly, a fellow Alliance player stepped in to help out and that’s where things started to get a bit crazy.

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The alliance player used the unoriginal character name “Fdsfs” and was far too low level to be in this particular region. After shooting a couple of rather ineffective fireballs of his own, he suddenly teleported behind the enemy, quickly gaining JokerdTV’s incredulous attention. After the fight way over, Fdsds teleported around a few different spots before floating up into the air and continuing to attack monsters from atop a tree. (It should be noted that this is very much not possible in vanilla World of Warcraft). This was one of the first WoW Classic hackers to be caught on a popular stream.

Suffice it to say, the party’s over — WoW Classic hackers are finally here. Those of us who played the game got to enjoy a brief period of time where everyone was being more or less honest, but those days are gone for good now. You can watch the hacker in action in the Twitch clip below.