Logitech Prodigy Series Review – Two Mice, a Keyboard, and a Headset Walk into a Bar

Logitech’s newest line of products is a good representation of the company’s continued ability to meet the needs of all kinds of gamers by producing quality products with mass appeal. The Prodigy series keyboard, mice and headset have the functionality of many of Logitech’s G line and Pro products coupled with sleek low-key designs.

Logitech G403 Prodigy Mice

The Logitech G403 Prodigy mice are available in both wireless and wired models. Although they are slightly larger than the other Logitech gaming mice I’ve used in the past, I found them to be superior in comfort and functionality. It perfectly contoured to my hand and required minimum effort when utilizing the buttons on the side when mapped to in-game actions.

Another feature that stood out was the edition of a magnetized 10-gram removable weight that gives users the option to adjust the weight of the mouse as they see fit. This is not a feature in every Logitech gaming mouse, but I have found that it makes a profound difference in how you might play fast-paced FPS games.

With a 1ms report rate the G403 Prodigy mice are 8 times faster than standard mice on the market today. Add to that the ability to set 5 custom DPI settings and map it to a button that cycles through them seamlessly, and you have a very powerful gaming device in the palm of your hand. Having tried out the G900 mouse in the past, I can say the performance of the G403 mouse is very close to what you would get from the performance of higher-grade Logitech products. With the wireless G403 priced at $99.99 and wired version at $69.99, it’s a low cost considering the craftsmanship.

Logitech G231 Prodigy Stereo Headset

The Logitech G231 Prodigy stereo headset looks like something straight out of The Martian with a flat, matte dark grey color and orange trim. They’re so light it certainly feels like you’re in a weightless environment while wearing them, minus Matt Damon of course. I used to think that nothing could beat out the G933 and G633 Artemis spectrums when it came to weight and performance, but the G231 Prodigy headsets win in that category, no question. It is also fully equipped with an adjustable microphone and an on-cable control when using it with a PS4 or stereo mic-enabled Xbox One controller.

Another feature that sets them apart from other Logitech headphones are the washing machine-safe ear cups which can be removed and cleaned regularly increasing the longevity of the headset. The only real con is that the G231 headset is the only item in the Prodigy line that does not benefit from the RGB lighting that’s become commonplace in recent Logitech products. At $69.99 the G231 headset is a great value for those looking for a well-made low-cost headset.

Logitech G213 Prodigy Keyboard

As with all other Logitech hardware out there, the real star of the show, in my opinion at least, is the keyboard. The G213 Prodigy keyboard’s primary difference from most other Logitech gaming keyboards is the built-in ergonomic wrist rest feature. It had never occurred to me that a wrist rest might be something I would have wanted while playing game,s but I am definitely a believer now. Even though this is not the first Logitech gaming keyboard with a wrist rest built in, it’s the first wrist rest that looks more like something other than a standard gaming keyboard, which is the most brilliant part about the design.

It’s completely unobtrusive when lying flat on your desk or propped up with the angle adjustments. Usually I like to have my keyboard at an angle, but the G213 makes it more comfortable for me to use the keyboard flat because of the slope of the wrist rest. This design will definitely benefit anyone who is a bit intimidated by the more intricate designs of other keyboards like the G910. With the G213 keyboard priced at $69.99 it’s almost a steal, especially since you get the full RGB spectrum lighting and great gaming performance that you would get from the more expensive Logitech keyboards.

The Logitech prodigy line is a great collection of gear and at an average price of $69.99, it will definitely be appealing for anyone who wants to get a bundle of great gaming gear at a great cost. Even though collectively the design of the mice, headsets, and keyboard are aimed at appealing to a very broad range of gamers, anyone can benefit from the functionality of these devices.