Hands-On: Dishonored 2’s Emily Kaldwin Conquers The Clockwork Mansion

Corvo has taught The Empress well.

Emily Kaldwin may not be the first pick, when deciding between her and Corvo as the protagonist in Dishonored 2, given that we have personal history with Corvo. But Emily isn't a wallflower by any means, and during a special capture event for Dishonored 2, I was surprised by her subtle, sneaky assemblage of supernatural powers.

I'm not going to blab too long about my playthrough since, hey, you can watch my run in the video above. But one thing to point out: The preview build was preset, with her powers being somewhat elevated and the enemies being a little easier to kill for the sake of being able to get through the demo within the allotted time.

As a primer, the mission has Emily head through a mansion to assassinate Kirin Jindosh, though he knows of your arrival no matter how roguish you are. I decided to explore the mansion more thoroughly and in as non-lethal and low-chaos a fashion as possible before facing Jindosh, flipping the many switches that changed the entire configuration of a room, which led me to the secondary objective first—to rescue Anton Sokolov, the Royal Physician you might remember from the original Dishonored, from Jindosh's prison.

The two powers Shadow Walk and Domino naturally became the backbone of Emily's powers. While in shadow form, Emily can move past soldiers with ease and kill or stun enemies outright. Before stunning anyone, though, her Domino ability can be used strategically, tying the fate of a group of enemies together so that Emily can incapacitate them all in one fell swoop. Not only does this make stealth streamlined, but it saves time, energy, and resources.

One final note: I wanted to complete the first objective of dealing with Jindosh, but the game unfortunately crashed…