Resident Evil 7 Data Mine Reveals Incredible Information, Including Major Character

Resident Evil 7 might be a month from release, but we already know a lot about what to expect. I'm not talking ordinary information, either. The recent demo has been data mined from beginning to end for all its contained information, and the insight it's provided is well beyond what Capcom is comfortable with.

The data mined information originated from Reddit where several posters have collaborated to reveal all available details. It goes without saying that below you will find many "mild" spoilers, with potentially one significant spoiler at the bottom.

Weapon List

These are the equippable items that you can expect to pick up and use throughout the game.

  • chainsaw
  • scissors
  • knife
  • shotgun
  • handgun
  • grenade launcher
  • burner
  • candle
  • lighter
  • timebomb
  • liquidbomb
  • stimulant
  • serum


These include both enemies as well as miscellaneous items.

  • ghost
  • jack
  • zoe
  • swagger
  • shadow puzzle
  • lastbossmode
  • slow molded
  • quick molded
  • fat molded
  • leg cut foreign
  • knife mia
  • chainsaw mia
  • shovel jack
  • garage jack
  • roller jack
  • scissors jack
  • pursuit marguerite
  • pit fight
  • passcodes
  • fat molded boss
  • mutated jack
  • Evelin necrotoxin
  • Mutated Marguerite
  • eveline wall
  • eveline albert
  • scorpion key


These are all the chapter references, which include general level count information.

  • Chapter3_2MapB1F.Chapter3_4Map.Chapter3_5Map.Chapter4_1Map.
  • Chapter4_2Map.Chapter4_3Map.Chapter3_2_Main1F.Chapter3_2_Main2F.
  • Chapter3_2_Main3F.Chapter3_2_Ma in1FChapter3_2_Garden.Chapter3_2_B1F.
  • Chapter3_3_OldHouse1F.Chapter3_3_OldHouse2F.Chapter3_4_Lucas1F.
  • Chapter3_4_Lucas2F.Chapter3_5_Boat1F.Chapter3_5_Boat2F
  • Chapter4_1_1F.Chapter4_1_2F.Chapter4_1_3F.Chapter4_1_4F.Chapter4_1_B2F.
  • Chapter1_ 1FChapter1_2F.Chapter1_3F.Chapter1_B1F.Chapter1_Out.Chapter0_1F.
  • Chapter3_Main.Chapter3_Main_East.Chapter3_Garden.Chapter3_3_OldHouse.
  • Chapter3_4_Lucas.Chapter3_5_Boat.Chapter4_1.Chapter4_2.Chapter4_3.
  • Chapter1.Chapter0


These confirm the available difficulties as well as some interesting unlockables.

  • Cleared Casual
  • Cleared Normal
  • Cleared Casual or Normal
  • Cleared Hard
  • Unlocked Destroy Mr EveryWhere
  • Unlocked Time Attack
  • Unlocked Birthday
  • Unlocked Hard
  • Unlocked TU2

Lastly, there are many mentions in the data of an "Albert". Interestingly enough, there have been rumors floating around since early Summer of Albert Wesker, a well-known Resident Evil character, making an appearance in the new game. Unless these data entries are all fabricated by Capcom to steer people in the wrong direction, the data suggests that Albert Wesker isn't only in the game, but is the final boss.

Resident Evil 7 is one of our most anticipated games of 2017. It is currently scheduled for release on January 24th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.