Madman Creates Resident Evil 7’s Baker Family Mansion In Planet Coaster

It's safe to say that the Baker Family Mansion in Resident Evil 7 has already become a cultural horror icon, as have its inhabitants. So, when I hear that someone recreated that twisted mansion in some other game, it doesn't really surprise me.

But when I hear that game is Planet Coaster? Color me impressed (and terrified).

That's exactly what YouTuber Uthris did, building an exact replica of the Baker Family Mansion using Planet Coaster. Uthris used the design of the collector's edition mansion replica, which wasn't exactly the same as the one in the game, which has a much more thoroughly designed back-of-the-house.

He also did not design the guest house (probably because they didn't include a model for that one). You can see the finished product and the replica compared in the gallery below.

While Resident Evil 7 is the centerpiece, the star of all this is truly Planet Coaster, whose customization capabilities are clearly endless. You can get as much or as little depth of complication as you want out of the game, so it's no wonder it was so highly acclaimed last year.