Resident Evil Village DLC development has ‘just started’

Resident Evil Village has been a major hit for Capcom, and fans have been clamoring for more. In response, the devs have started production on additional content for the game. Now, the big question is when Resident Evil Village DLC will release.

When is the Resident Evil Village DLC coming out?

Resident Evil Village DLC Announcement e3 2021

There’s not currently a release date for Resident Evil Village DLC. The E3 2021 announcement was just some text on a black screen that said:

“By popular demand, development has just started on additional DLC for Resident Evil Village.

More info later.”

We can assume that regardless of this message, Capcom had plans to produce DLC for Resident Evil Village long before the game was released. The success of RE7, RE2 remake, and even RE3 remake cemented the franchise as a safe investment. Given how much DLC RE7 received, it was inevitable that RE8 would get some too.

What will the Resident Evil Village DLC be?

Resident Evil Village Ada Wong Concept Art 1

An even bigger question is what the DLC will cover. There’s a lot of room for expanded content, but there are two areas, in particular, we think Capcom will explore.

Ada Wong DLC

The concept art for Resident Evil Village showed that the developers initially included Ada Wong as someone who would assist Ethan. However, she was cut from the main plot. Given that she’s starred in more than one DLC, it would make sense to tap into the character for the DLC, especially since she’s been MIA for a few years in-universe.

A Fifth Great House

Another idea that the developers had early on is that The Duke would be the master of a fifth great house. Given that he’s a fan-favorite character and his origins are still a mystery, a DLC centering around him and his past would be great. Though it might be challenging to weave it into the events of RE8, it could be a prequel or sequel to the game.