Crystal Dynamics Teases Undiscovered ‘Hidden Secrets’ In Avengers Project Trailer

We all know it's coming out, and we know very little about it. The Avengers Project is going to be a game, and that's about all we can say with any confidence. Will it be an RPG? RTS? FPS? Third-person, Last Of Us-style? Who knows.

The Avengers Project was officially announced several weeks ago at this point, but developer Crystal Dynamics took to Twitter today to let us know that we missed something – perhaps multiple things.

Queue the maniacal laugh, as the internet will now squabble over what each detail in a 51-second trailer (a considerable amount of which are black screens or company names, so good luck).

But hey, allow me to take part in the fun, if only briefly.


  • At :04, there is some sort of structure reflected in Bruce Banner's glasses.
  • At :05 the label "A3" might be significant, but hell if I know
  • At :22, the reflection of a Iron Man's chestpiece may suggest there are two suits in this frame
  • At :23, there is a shadow something in the top right corner. No idea what.
  • At :29, we don't see what is creating the sparks that fall on Captain American's shield

Enlightening stuff, I know, but that's all I got. You got anything better?