5 Features Of Overwatch’s Orisa That Prove She’s Planning To Takeover The World

I've made no secret of my feelings about the new Overwatch hero. Even before she was announced, I had it pegged the Efi Oladele would be creating the 24th hero in Blizzard's popular shooter, and, now that her creation, Orisa, is available in the PTR we can finally see what she's all about.

And, despite her anodyne demeanor, I'm doubling down on my prediction that she'll soon be plotting to take over the world. This time, though, I have proof.

"I'm Simply Following My Programming"

This implicates both Orisa and her creator. Of course, there is only one organization anyone thinks of when someone says "I'm just following orders." In fact, all you have to do is Google the phrase with no other context, and the first link you see will be discussing Nazis and the Nuremberg defense.

Since this phrase is so commonly associated with evil that anyone who writes that in, say as a voice line to a character in the game, has to be aware of the comparison. Nazi? Probably going too far. Evil? Bet on it.

Halt Victory Pose and Emote

Her "halt" victory pose reveals a feature not present in much else: red eyes. I've consumed enough media on artificial intelligence gone wrong to know that red eyes or any red lights is a commons signal that this robot is about to commit murder.

Whether it's The Iron Giant or I, Robot, or scores more, red means a robot gone rogue and murderous, and the Halt emote shows that she is willing to go all red-eyed for someone crossing the road at the wrong time, so we could be looking at a very quick descent into totalitarian rule.

Camouflage Skin

While I'm sure she would blend in very well among the Third Reich, I'm not sure her camouflage is accomplishing much else. This and several of her other skins simply look menacing.

Now, I get that a defense robot is supposed to be intimidating, but taken with all of these other pieces, I'm not sure it can simply be ignored.

Empathy Module Not Responding

This is a more subtle voice line, because it's not among her purchasable and activatable lines. This is one she says during battle. After killing many people, she will say "Empathay Module Not Responding."

Yeah, Orisa has a module for empathy, and, apparently, it isn't working so hot. But hey, a red-eyed military robot without empathy who's just following orders? What's to be worried about? Maybe I am crazy.

Oh! Highlight Intro

This might be the biggest smoking gun. Every other hero is content with displaying their violence in a victory pose. Orisa wants to appear innocent, like she's not a part of all that.

"Oh! No, I wasn't murder innocent people. See, I can smile and wave like a friend. Nothing sinister here."

It's one thing to just be violent. Being in the Overwatch is a violent profession. It's another thing entirely to want to convince everyone that you're not. Let's just see how good she is at convincing people.