Paladins: Champions Of The Realm Sha Lin & Bravado Set Giveaway!

Update #2 [5/4/2017 @13:30PT]: We've added 10,000 codes that unlock Sha Lin without the Bravado Set.

Update #1 [5/3/2017 @15:20PT]: We've added the second batch of 5,000 codes.

Original Story: After more than six months of success on PC, Paladins: Champions of the Realm has arrived on PS4 and Xbox One. Starting today, a Console Open Beta is available to any console gamers who want to play the game.

In celebration of the occasion, Hi-Rez studios has sent over 10,000 codes for us to give away. These codes unlock a champion named Sha Lin along with his full Bravado set. This champion is known for being especially dangerous, equipped with a bow and high damage potential.

Paladins is a teamwork-oriented first-person shooter with 24 playable champions. These champions fill various roles, each playing an important part in the game's strategic framework.

You can grab a code below. Note that these codes are region free.

You can redeem your code by doing the following:

1. Launch the Paladins client.

2. Log in using your account credentials.

3. From the in-game home screen click STORE then ACCOUNT then REDEEM CODE.

4. Correctly enter in your code in order to activate the unlock.

Our sister site PlayStation LifeStyle has codes for Lex and his Lawbringing set. Be sure to grab a code on their site and say hi for us while you're at it!

More information about Paladins and how you can play it for free on your preferred platform can be found on the official website.