Paladins PS4 Cross-Play arrives, shared progression in the works

Paladins PS4 Cross-Play has finally arrived! Hi-Rez Studios’ team-based first-person shooter has been out on multiple platforms for a while now, but the communities had been isolated from one another until recently. Now, Hi-Rez has announced that it’s finally united all of the Paladins platforms into one ecosystem, although the work isn’t completely finished just yet.

A blog post on the game’s official website has announced that Paladins PS4 Cross-Play has launched alongside the Pirate’s Treasure update. There are, however, several caveats that you’ll have to keep in mind. The first point to note is that Cross-Play isn’t enabled by default; you’ll have to head into the options menu for your platform of choice and turn it on.

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Although Paladins PS4 Cross-Play will unite PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch players into the same player pool, there will nonetheless be several other restrictions to keep in mind. Players can allow all Cross-Play or restrict it to Keyboard-only or Controller-only. Ranked play will ignore this setting entirely and only place you with other people using similar input—that is, only controller players can play against other controller players in ranked and vice versa.

While PS4 players can now play against the other platforms, there are still some missing bits of functionality. Your progression and your purchased items aren’t going to carry over between the platforms just yet; Hi-Rez has said that the developers are working with Sony to find a solution to this shortcoming. As soon as they figure out a way to make this work, they’ll put out another announcement letting us know it’s live. For now, you won’t be able to transfer over your progress between the PS4 and other platforms, but at least you can play with more people!

You should be able to hop into Paladins right now and play against every other platform. In the meantime, why not check out the hilarious trailer celebrating the launch below?