E3 Predictions: Odds Available, Taking All Bets

Every year the lights and glitz come out for the video game industry's single biggest event: the Electronic Entertainment Expo. This year, E3 takes place from June 5th through June 7th, with press conferences beginning on June 4th. Over the next few weeks, more and more publishers and hardware manufacturers will have their biggest reveals spoiled by loose lips and Internet snooping, so let's take bets now before the race is called before it's even run.

To make this more interesting for everyone involved, we're giving everyone 500 SevBucks. You can spread these across any number of bets in increments of 50. In other words, you can take any of the bets below for a maximum of 500 SevBucks or a minimum of 50 so long as your bet can be divided by 50 evenly.

Leave your DETAILED bets in the comments. When E3 2012 is all said and done, we'll figure out the winningest revolutionary and they'll get a swag pack from GR's E3 haul.

Here are our E3 2012 predictions and the odds:

Dan Oravasaari – PSLSOddsDaniel Bischoff – GROdds
Next Xbox Name Revealed2:1Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 leads off Microsoft's Presser2:1
Marcus and KB Love Child is new spokesman for Vita100:1Someone will hit the guide button on stage at Microsof'ts press conference8:1
Alex Osborn – PSLS Jonathan Leack – GR 
Naughty Dog Demos The Last of Us on stage2:1Sony announces Orbis with no price trag, holiday 20133:1
3DS Lite Announced10:1Mr. Caffeine appears and embarrasses himself again15:1
Nick Michetti – PSLS Paulmichael Contreras – PSLS 
Wii U will support more than one tablet5:1No new hardware announcements from Sony, focus on Vita/PS35:1
Ubisoft press conference will contain no less than 10 rabbid appearances10:1Microsoft announces answers to PlayStation All-Stars and Super Smash Bros.1000:1
Nick Tan – GR Eddy DS Fettig – GR 
Capcom unveils a new Mega Man game50:1Some kind of unnecessary new peripheral for 3DS10:1
Kim Kardashian appears at E3 to prove she plays video games500:1Last Guardian launching this year, announced with new gameplay footage100:1
Anthony Severino – GR/PSLS Sebastian Moss – PSLS 
Nintendo changes the Wii U name5:1Mirror's Edge 2 shown in full gameplay reveal trailer, Daniel wets himself13:1
Killer Instinct announced at MS conference20:1Sony announces Uncharted: Solar System, terrible Mario Galaxy Clone640:1
Vivas Kaul – PSLS Cameron Teague – PSLS 
John Riccitiello and Ray Muzyka apologize for ME3's ending12:1People look stupid while playing Kinect2:1
Steven Cakebread announces Geometry Wars 1 & 2 coming to Vita and PS3100:1PS3 will see two mammoth RPGS: Suikoden VI and Persona 5500:1
Keri Honea – GR Kevin Schaller – GR 
EA will announce Respawn's first game, an FPS10:1Beyond Good & Evil 2 will make a big appearance10:1
GTA V announced for November5:1Sega reenters hardware market with new handheld9999:1
Devin Charles – GR Jessica Vazquez – GR 
Square Enix fully demos Hitman: Absolution to go along with release date2:1Kerri gets a group hug from Nick and Daniel50:1
Left 4 Dead 3 announced500:1Nick falls asleep at no fewer than two after-parties50:1
Black Peterson – GR Josh Laddin – GR 
Nintendo shows another impossible Zelda target video for Wii U10:1Zone of the Enders 3 gets teased10:1
Nintendo announces 3DSi with two thumbsticks50:1Assassin's Creed for Vita announced with name and release window10:1

Alright! Place your bets!