A Schedule Of Every Press Conference At E3 2017

For the next few weeks gaming news and announcements will subside, signaling the end of the first half of another year of gaming. And just as things become concerning with a dramatic downscale in gaming releases, E3 2017 will arrive in a crescendo of gaming announcements.

Coming mid-June, this year's E3 will be much like previous years, not only in its format, but in its importance for the industry. We're now at a time where gaming giants are settled into the current generation of gaming, and to stand out one must go well beyond what has been done before.

By the time the show opens its doors at least six major press conferences will be held, each with announcements and gameplay to share. To help introduce you to these conferences and when you can watch them, we have put together a guide. Continue below and we'll see you at E3.

Electronic Arts

Date And Time: Saturday, June 10th @ 12:00PM PT

Where To Watch: Twitch

EA will kick off the week a day earlier than usual by hosting its press conference on Saturday. During the presentation you can expect to see a lot of the expected: Madden NFL, FIFA, NHL, and other EA sports titles. However, Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be there to make sure there's something new and exciting to talk about, in addition to information about upcoming DLC and patches for Mass Effect: Andromeda. There's also a rumor that BioWare will be bringing a new IP to debut.


Date And Time: Sunday, June 11th @ 2:00PM PT

Where To Watch: Official Stream, Twitch

While the biggest question for Microsoft during past years has been whether or not it has the software to compete with the likes of Sony and Nintendo, this time around there's a much greater emphasis on hardware. The long-awaited Xbox Scorpio is coming out this Holiday, and Microsoft has every intention of marketing it to the fullest during E3. We'll be getting hands-on to start the week, but first it will be revealed alongside new software at Sunday's first press conference. This will be a huge moment of the industry as Xbox is quickly losing market share to the wildly popular PS4 and Switch.


Date And Time: Sunday, June 11th @ 7:00PM PT

Where To Watch: Twitch

Bethesda has had incredible success during its first two E3 press conferences, and thus has scheduled a third. Little is known about what it will show off, but evidence suggests that Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a prime candidate given it was teased during last year's conference, and is yet to receive a full announcement. Whatever the case, at least two games will be announced during the presentation, and you can be sure that Bethesda's top IPs, from The Elder Scrolls Online to Prey, will get some on-screen time, even if just to showcase upcoming DLC.

The PC Gaming Show

Date And Time: Monday, June 12th @ 10:00AM PT

Where To Watch: Official Stream

Similar to Bethesda, for the third year in a row the PC Gaming Show will host a press conference. While other conferences will be oriented toward console gaming, this will help even things out with a focus on new PC technology and games. Reception of previous presentations has been lukewarm at best, but at least it keeps trying.


Date And Time: Monday, June 12th @ 6:00PM PT

Where To Watch: Twitch

Sony has always been the centerpiece of E3's press conferences, serving as a tempo maker and bar setter. Following the PS4's extraordinary performance during Q1 2017 Sony is expected to deliver a mixture of full gameplay debuts for Fall 2017 games, in addition to making surprising announcements. Games to expect include God of War, Detroit: Become Human, Spider-Man, and Days Gone, each of which have remarkable potential. It's also possible that we'll see a new teaser for The Last of Us Part 2. We sure hope so, anyway.


Date And Time: TBA

Where To Watch: Twitch

Ubisoft's big titles for E3 2017 will be Assassin's Creed Empire and South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Supporting these two games will likely be a surprise announcement of sorts, likely related to a partnership with Nintendo for the Switch. You can also expect plenty of time spent talking about how the company plans to keep supporting For Honor, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, Tom Clancy's The Division, and other popular titles it has created during the past couple years.


Date And Time: TBA

Where To Watch: Official Stream

Nintendo marches to the beat of its own drum, and nowhere is that better demonstrated than with its E3 executions. As of right now, there is no confirmation that Nintendo will even have a presentation to share during E3, but it'd be a mistake to not expect a Nintendo Direct as in previous years. This rumored yet certain presentation will be a huge moment for Nintendo to carry the momentum it has built-up with the Switch by showing off the games consumers can expect for the rest of the year and beyond. Super Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are likely candidates, while a new Pokemon game is improbable but would blow the roof right off the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Show Floor

Date And Time: Tuesday, June 13th @ 12:00PM – 6:00PM PT, Wednesday, June 14th @ 10:00AM – 6:00PM PT, Thursday, June 15th @ 10:00AM – 5:00PM PT

Where To Watch: Twitch

Following the conclusion of the above press conferences, the Los Angeles Convention Center will open its doors to press and attendees alike, providing access to hundreds of upcoming games and new technology. We'll be there all week to get our hands on as much stuff as possible. Stay tuned.