SMITE Da Ji Goddess and Vixen Skin Giveaway!

SMITE has added an all-new goddes to its line-up this week. Her name is Da Ji, and she would like nothing more than to tear her enemies to shreds.

The kind folks over at Hi-Rez Studios have granted us 60 unlock codes to give away. These not only unlock the beautiful goddess Da Ji, also known as the Nine-Tailed Fox, but also her Vixen alternate skin.

To enter, simply post a comment below sharing what your favorite god or goddess is in SMITE.

There is no deadline to this giveaway. Just make sure you post using your GameRevolution account so we can private message you a code if you win. You can register here if you haven’t already.

Da Ji is an assassin class hero, equipped with sharp claws and a torture device known as the Paolao. She specializes in bleeds and high mobility that allow her to deliver agonizing death over time to her foes. She arrived as part of the 4.9 patch, which included other goodies, including new skins for several other characters and gameplay balance adjustments.

A video of Da Ji in action can be seen here.