Smite Enters Open Beta on Xbox One

MOBA games have made a huge impact on the PC game market, but now titles like SMITE are looking to console audiences as well. The game had a closed beta period back in May on Xbox One, and now it enters open beta on the console starting today.

SMITE on Xbox One requires a Xbox LIVE Gold subscription, but that's the only barrier for entry. The free-to-play MOBA allows players to jump right in, though developer Hi-Rez Studios has also launched the in-game marketplace.

Players can spend real money to purchase fancy new gear. All of that gear will carry over to the full release, which is scheduled for later this Summer. In addition, $30 can be spent to unlock all god characters, all future god characters, and a few extra goodies.

SMITE is inspired by numerous mythological figures, and the combination of mythology and third-person combat has resulted in quite a bit of success for Hi-Rez Studios. It'll be interesting to see if a console audience also swarms to the game now that it's in open beta.

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