June 2017 eSports Calendar: The Biggest Tournaments of the Month

Don’t look now, but we’re almost halfway through the 2017, but the frequency and excitement of eSports events is full steam ahead just as it has been since the beginning. While many of the larger, more momentous tournaments will be happening later in the summer, there is still a full slate to keep you busy no matter what your desired eSports flavor.

Several major tournaments across three different titles will be happening in June, some as early as this coming weekend. Here is a sample of the most notable tournaments, with the biggest prize pools, that you should keep an eye on.

Dota 2


EPICENTER 2017 – Main Event

Date: June 4 – 11

Prize Pool: $500,000

Where To Watch: Twitch.tv/epicenter_en1

After a pair of big eSports tournaments in April and May, Dota 2 will still be kicking as we approach Summer, starting off with a $500,000 tournament beginning this Sunday. The open qualifiers have already passed, so every match is for keeps at this point. Notable invited teams include Kiev Major winners OG and Manila Masters winners Evil Geniuses.

Also in this tournament, is the crowd favorite Na’Vi, who was voted in by the fans despite poor performance in recent tournaments or even failing to qualify entirely. I guess the fans haven’t given up on them yet.

Dota Summit 7

Date: June 14 – 18

Prize Pool: $100,000

Where To Watch: Twitch.tv/beyondthesummit

Speaking of Na’Vi, you’ll have the pleasure of watching them perform in two tournaments this month, as they actually managed to qualify for this one, as well as a couple teams that you wouldn’t necessarily pick to make it out of the group stages. CDEC Gaming qualified out of China, despite being in a group with Ehome, Newbee, IG and IG Vitality, all of whom have made big splashes at recent tournaments.

It does appear, though, that several of the bigger teams opted not to compete in this one, with Evil Geniuses and OG both decided to skip. Still, though, this presents a rare opportunity to watch unfamiliar teams play, and actually win for once.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals

Date: June 1 – 4

Prize Pool: $750,000

Where To Watch: ESL Counter-Strike on YouTube

Elsewhere in the world of eSports, you’ll have the opportunity to jump right into the heat of the action in the exciting finale of the ESL Pro League (EPL) Season 5 tournament. The playoffs are already underway as of today, finishing out the quarter finals to determine who will compete in the semi-finals tomorrow.

This is the first ESL Pro League Season since the league increased the overall prize pool from $600,000 to $750,000, so the stakes are a lot higher and the payouts are a lot bigger.

StarCraft 2


GSL 2017 Season 2 Finals

Date: June 24

Prize Pool: $152,100 USD

Where To Watch: Twitch.tv/gsl

This tournament is important to the landscape of StarCraft 2 eSports for a few reasons. At the most basic level, it’s the proliferation of the game, after AfreecaTV announced continued support for the GSL throughout 2017. And, while the money is great, the real prize from the GSL Season 2 is a guaranteed spot at the 2017 WCS Global Finals, which boasts a $500,000 prize pool. Not to mention, of course, that the World Championship Series is among the biggest StarCraft 2 tournaments each year.

But no pressure or anything.