This Dota 2 TI9 caster shouldn’t beat himself up over this hilarious Twitch clip

T19 is the very grandest of stages when it comes to professionally competing in Valve’s MOBA game Dota 2. The popular PC and Steam exclusive title has been a long-running fixture of the thriving MOBA community ever since it originally launched back in 2016, allowing for The International 2019 (T19) to be a lavish tournament hosted in Shanghai, China with a prize pool totaling almost $20 million. The T19 main events have been running since Tuesday and are set to conclude this Sunday, August 25—and that busy five-day work period already seems to have taken its toll on one caster, resulting in a hilarious Dota 2 TI9 Blitz clip.

Blitz, real name William Lee, is a former professional player turned esports commentator and the excitement of the Dota 2 championships might’ve already worn him out judging by this clip. His facial expression suggests that he’s worn out, as does his body language as he leans on his co-caster, so he takes the opportunity to shake himself out in order to liven up or maybe even relieve leg cramps. To innocent onlookers, however, it appears as though Blitz is getting up to something else entirely—something rather more inappropriate for his incredibly public surroundings.

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Yes, it makes it appear as if the Dota 2 caster is touching himself on an official livestream. With one hand out of shot and appearing to occupy somewhere in the region of his crotch, the caster continues watching and commenting on the current match’s plays while gently bouncing up and down and occasionally tilting his head back with a relieved expression. It’s plain to see why people might jump to one conclusion, but the caster took to Twitter in order to assure concerned viewers that he was, in fact, just “shaking” his leg.

As Dota 2‘s T19 tournament continues to play out over the course of this weekend, let’s hope Blitz can avoid another on-camera faux pas.