syndereN’s Dota 2 matchmaking improvements could make queuing less painful

Dota 2 streamer syndereN has a pretty cool suggestion that would make Dota 2 matchmaking a heck of a lot less painful. As an experienced player of Valve’s MOBA, he often has to contend with long queue times before he can get into a game. Now, he’s come up with a solution that he thinks will solve the problem.

“I hope they do something for very high players, where they do… call it, like, ‘Call to Arms’ or whatever?” syndereN began in a Twitch clip. “Where when it’s half-past the full hour and when it’s the full hour, you get a pop-up in the game saying ‘Now is a good time to queue’ so you can streamline people to queue at the same times to make the games better. Would you guys use that?”

syndereN Dota 2 Matchmaking Call to Arms

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The idea for a “Call to Arms” is certainly a bit novel, but it’s not the strangest idea we’ve heard. Plenty of games have time-based events, and an in-game pop-up telling people when it’s a good time to hop into matchmaking might help streamline the system and ultimately get people into games faster.

One of his companions in voice chat had a question, namely about how it would be done. Would it just be based on the time on the clock, or would there be something more to it? According to this particular Dota 2 streamer, it’s as easy as following the clock.

“Yeah,” syndereN responded. “It’s like the game just encourages you to queue at specific times so that you give it a better chance of giving you good games in return. I think people will specifically wait for the full hour and the half-hour and then queue if there is an implemented system that gives them a reward for it.”

You can see syendereN explain this idea in his own words in the Twitch clip below.