The People Speak: Now with Forum and Social Media Posts

Welcome to the first ever The People Speak on GameRevolution’s new website. Effective immediately, we will begin incorporating forum posts and social media comments into the weekly feature to include as many different types of engagement as possible.

This week we reviewed Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Tekken 7, The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, ARMS, and even the new SteelSeries QcK Prism.

In terms of features, we exclusively covered NeoGAF’s moderation changes, shared which games we’re excited to play at E3, talked about Vampires in gaming, delivered a full guide to which job to play in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, created a video that shows the evolution of GameRevolution over the years, initiated a brand new recurring video feature called Trailer Trove, and enjoyed the exhaust of our Nintendo Switch consoles.

Starting tomorrow we will be covering E3 2017 on-site. We have appointments with every major publisher, and know of more than 8 unannounced games that we will be checking out behind closed doors. Be sure to visit our new forum to let us know which games or products you’d like us to check out at E3, or topics you’d like us to write about.

Below are 10 of our favorite comments from our community during the last week.

Nanotroll 2

Article: Imagining a Wonder Woman Video Game


I just got back from seeing Wonder Woman with my girlfriend. I enjoyed it – but there were so many feminist douche-chill moments where I literally felt my brain’s lobes cringing – forcing my eyes to shut.

I never really liked the Wonder Woman character – and I probably never will. I just never believed in her.


They become nothing more than vehicles for plot devices. Wolverine, Superman…etc.

I demand that heroes and heroine be mortal, vulnerable and destructible:

Batman, Crysis Nanosuit, Teknoman, etc.

Secondly, I can’t stomach a woman who’s that naiive – or the entire Amazon woman backstory.

That’s not to say I’m against female heroines.

Alice from RESIDENT EVIL – I can deal with.

Catwoman – I can deal with.

Poison Ivy – I can deal with.



I like seeing powerful women, but I just can’t take one who’s invincible.

So to play a Wonder Woman game?

What: she’s fighting wave after wave of Germans during WWI who try desperately to kill her but can’t?

Wonder Woman is basically “Kratos”.


Forum Thread: What Will Project Scorpio’s Official Name Be?


SeXbox One?

Super Xbox One?

Xbox One Supreme?

Surely the system’s sobriquet suggested by salacious salesmen will be simple and superb.



Social Media Post: When Did You Start Visiting GameRevolution?


I remember first visiting your site around the PS1 era because i wanted to read a review before deciding which game to buy.

I also enjoyed reading your reviews because you guys always said the truth about a game and because the reviews were very funny.


Article: What Have Vampire Games Done for Us Lately?


I have high hopes for this game but I’ll also keep an healthy amount of skepticism towards it. I want a game where vampires are powerful and terrifying creatures as they ought to be. Who fears vampires in Elder Scrolls games? In general where vampires dimes a dozen, they lack the power and they lack the horror aspect. So in the vampire game, the vampire ought to be the most powerful being that incites terror in others by it’s mere presence.

Vampyr so far looks to be that game. But it could also suck.

I also won’t go the “mr. nice vampire seeks cure” route in the game, I will embrace the essence of vampire. And I hope there’s ways to customize the character, kinda want to get rid of that lumberjack beard.


Article: Switch Cartridges May Taste Bad, but Exhaust from Its Fan Smells Good


I am so not going to try this. There’s never any telling what could set off my asthma.


Forum Thread: What Are You Playing – The Official Thread


I recently got a HTC Vive, which came with Star Trek Bridge Crew and I am loving the crap out of it. I have to force myself to go to bed all night otherwise I’d easily stay up all night playing. Haven’t enjoyed a game this much in a long time.


Article: An Introduction to the New GameRevolution Editorial Team


Hello, gents! My name is UghRochester and I’m a Twitch streamer (Hi, UghRochester!) I was once a creepy guy who would try to friend you on the social networks. I’m now the creepy guy who would try to friend you on the social networks, but acknowledges now that it’s creepy. I’m familiar with Mack and Heath. Mack, I associate with the voice commentary in videos now only on GR, but as well as PSLS. And Heath, well he’s just Heath and need no further comments of how I associate with him other than that. I look forward to getting to know some of you. Hopefully not anti-social.


Forum Thread: Vote For Your Favorite Game of 2017 So Far


Voted for Horizon, mostly because it’s the only game on the list that I’ve actually played so far. I did thoroughly enjoy it though. I did want to throw in an honorable mention for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. I’m still pretty bad at it, and the game still needs a lot of work, but it is a damn fun game. I’ve never really felt so tense while player a multiplayer game. Knowing that at any second you could be in a firefight, or get sniped, or maybe you just creep up on some poor unlucky bastard and a blast them. Good times.


Article: NeoGAF Owner Confirms Previously Biased Moderation, Pushes for Greater Diversity of Opinions


NeoGAF didn’t earn its relevance. Like a prospector who stumbles on a gold vein or an oil well by pure blind luck and lived off the value of the title to the land, they milked their one source of value for all it was worth, and at some point committed the error endemic to the sort who live an unexamined life – they made the mistake of assuming it was them, not the gold mine, that people cared about.

NeoGAF was valuable when it had anonymous (but verified) industry insiders leaking information months or even years ahead of its street date and, more importantly, exposing secrets powerful people in the industry want kept quiet. Malka, and by extension the moderators he deflects responsibility on, forgot it can happen anywhere. It was a lottery ticket. It brought them success beyond their wildest dreams. They didn’t earn it, they didn’t make smart decisions that led to it, and had no plan for what to do with it when it arrived. So they quickly got drunk on delusions of grandeur and then lost it – their draconian moderation quickly alienated those same leakers that gave the forum value. Riding the social justice wave (it will never cease to get mirthless laughs from me that a movement supposedly opposed to fascism is named after a newspaper founded by Charles Coughlin) was a stopgap measure, attempting to follow a trend (even as its influence was starting to wane and popular opinion had turned against it) to cash in on the forum’s userbase while it was still around.

Malka, who displays obvious antisocial behavior, has made this bed, and now he must lie in it as his already fleeting relevance crumbles.


Forum Thread: Do You Even Lift?


Good on you, man! Awesome to hear. I reckon recovering from injuries can be a huge motivator to get healthier and stronger, I know it might sound super cheesy but “whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”, right? Welcome to the Gain Train, Jonathan. ;) Enjoy your stay.

I know Green_Lantern here lifts (because if I remember right – he’s really strong) and so does intoTheRain.

I tore my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in my right knee almost six years ago from an accident at judo, and after doing a lot of physiotherapy for six months, I started getting weight lifting. It’s only been the last two years that I’ve taken strength training seriously and gotten decent results, though.

Nowadays, I go to the gym to lift four days a week and then I train in judo twice a week. I’ve been doing judo for over eight years.

Next week I’m doing a new strength test. Attempting one rep max’s of a 200 kg (440 Ibs) dead lift, 175 (385 Ibs) squat and a 125 kg (275 Ibs) bench press. I’m confident I can get the bench, so I wanna try 130 kg (286 Ibs). As for the squat, I want 180 kg (396 Ibs) but I’m not too confident I’ll get it, so I might just stick with attempting 175 kg.

I’ve told this story here before, but a little over eight years ago, I used to be very inactive. When I turned twenty one, I was weighing over 130 kg (286 Ibs).

Left is me in 2008/2009, right is me in 2013.

I went to a mate’s birthday one night, got assaulted by two big, drunk dudes, and after feeling scared, humiliated and helpless, I took up judo to learn self-defence. Nine months later, I lost over 30 kg (66 Ibs) and ended up weighing like, 96 kg (211 Ibs). I’m kinda heavy nowadays, about 115 kg (253 Ibs) but I have thankfully put on muscle mass instead of body fat.