From Rabbids to Origins, Ubisoft Tops the Competition

Ubisoft suffers from most of what plagues modern blockbuster developers, but they’ve managed to outdo themselves with a concise and fun E3 press conference. Easily the best of what we’ve seen this year.

With Assassins Creed Origins, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Beyond Good & Evil 2,  and so much more present. Ubisoft really packed a punch with what mattered most at this years show– Games. No dated ports, lavish hardware, or delayed comedic bits hindered their presentation.

And the best part of all, several announcements show that Ubisoft has been listening to what fans want.

A Captivating The Crew 2

While already officially announced, a new cinematic trailer for The Crew 2 was absolutely stunning. It’s by far the best trailer for a racing game that I’ve ever seen.

It actually feels like a sequel in a world full of games they feel like extended DLC. The ability to drive boats, cars, and planes makes it a big step forward for the franchise. You can check it out here.


And even though we won’t be able to play it until 2018, Ubisoft did confirm that a beta is coming soon. You can sign up on their official website.

Fly Your Skull & Bones Proudly

Believe it or not, Skull and Bones is a new IP. It’s impressive that they decided to stray away from using the Assassins Creed branding on something that could’ve easily been a spinoff. Considering how similar this feels to Black Flag and the fact that we haven’t seen that franchise in nearly a year. It would have been a strong partner to Assassins Creed: Origins that releases later this year.

The best part is that Ubisoft listened, the ship combat in Assassins Creed: Black Flag was what players loved most. They took the developers who worked on that the most, Ubisoft Singapore, and set them loose on their own game.

It’s the kind of announcement that makes E3 feel like E3, a huge game that was totally unexpected that really makes an impact. You can see for yourself with some extended gameplay demos.


Going above and Beyond

One of the many highlights of the conference was the downright gorgeous Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer that you can check out right here. Maybe all the Mario + Rabbids leaks were done on purpose, in order to distract from this juicy surprise?

While we don’t see any gameplay from this quick look, the aesthetic and story look absolutely wonderful. We get a quick glimpse of some shady deals and high speed bike & missile chase (with a little wilhem scream thrown in) that was the cherry on top of a conference jammed full games.

This is something players have been asking for, and serves as another example of Ubisoft paying attention.

Ubisoft didn’t waste any time. They dropped new trailers and footage of Assassins Creed Origins, Far Cry 5, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Skull & Bones, The Crew 2, Beyond Good and Evil 2, South Park: The Fractured but Whole, and more.

It’s exactly what E3 is supposed to be and I absolutely love it.