GR at E3 2017: Day Two – Cool and Bizarre Moments

Day two of E3 has come to a close. During tonight’s wrap up we’re going to look at cool and bizarre moments we encountered on the show floor during the past 24 hours.

Jonathan Leack: During my Life is Strange: Before the Storm appointment, the creative director would ask myself and the rest of the audience which dialog options to choose. We chose the craziest possible options, to a point where the creative director started to think we needed a diagnosis. One thing is for certain: Chloe can be a violent in this game if you make her.

Also, I had to listen to Aron Garst say ‘carabiner’ over 300 times today. Someone please help him.

James Kozanitis: I got so carried away playing Middle-earth Shadow of War that an hour and a half passed and I didn’t have time to play the other Warner Bros. games.

Griffin Vacheron: E3 is not known as a hub for cosplay, and being open to the public this year hasn’t exactly changed that. Yes, there may have been a stray Kratos hitting up the “heart attack burger” food truck outside the West Hall, but otherwise its been pretty barren, at least until today. Today, I spotted one of the most elaborate cosplays I’ve seen to date: a fully-functioning Zoid, complete with moving parts and the ability to squat down and transform. I’m not exactly sure how a human being managed to shoehorn himself into such an outfit, never mind complete an actual transformation, but I’m not going to question it. By the time I rubbed my eyes and blinked to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating, the Zoid was gone.

Aron Garst: Carabiner carabiner carabiner carabiner carabiner carabiner carabiner carabiner.

Cody Perez: What better way to get someone to pay attention to your game than some hot, nasty action. Here I was, enjoying the hard sci-fi fantasy of Elex when the developers led me to a bar (in-game), sat me down, and unleashed a spicy stripper as the finale of my preview. Try imagining what my awkward goodbyes were like following that.

Matt Utley: The second day of E3 was going just fine until I played Knack 2 with Mark Cerny. Then it became magical. I cannot wait to go back home and brag to all of my friends and colleagues that I played Knack 2 with Mark Cerny just so they can say, “Who’s Mark Cerny?”