Community Wednesdays: (6/14/2017): Link to Your Favorite Funny E3 Moment

[Editor’s Note: Community Wednesdays is a new weekly feature where readers are asked to respond to an engaging question on our forums. These will include a wide variety of response styles to mix things up every week. ]

E3 is home to showcases for some of the biggest and brightest games of the present and future. We”ll soon be identifying which of them are the best of the best in tomorrow’s GR E3 awards. But it’s also a time for gaffes, oddities and general laughable moments hidden between the lines.

So we want to know what the funniest or weirdest moment you saw while watching or following E3. It could be from a livestream, a press conference, a relevant Tweet, or other like events. Let us know and link to that exact moment. Head over to the forums to let us know. We’ll see you there.