The People Speak: E3 Hype List

We’re finally back from E3 and have settled back in.

This week we reviewed Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, The Mage’s Tale for VR, and MXM. We investigated the story of Transformer’s interesting community, and looked at the worst MMO launches in history. We also had our social media manager, who is a die-hard Quake fan, share his thoughts on Quake Champions.

Next week you can expect some more coverage of Stormblood in addition to reviews for Valkyria Revolution and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

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Below you will find 10 popular comments on our articles and forums for this week.


Article: Tell GR: What’s Your Most Anticipated Game after E3 2017?


Definitely Super Mario Odyssey. It looks like the first “real” Switch game. Zelda is great, but it was originally developed for WiiU. Similarly, Mario Kart is really just a souped-up WiiU port. Splatoon 2 might qualify, but it also feels like just pulling over a WiiU game. Arms isn’t deep enough to be more than a minor diversion. And everything else is either an inconsequential party game, a small indie game or a multi-platform title.

Runner-up status goes to Metroid Prime 4, which we don’t know anything about yet but everyone has been begging for it for more than a decade.

Also really interested in Assassin Creed Origins. I’m somewhat behind on the franchise, though, so I’m thinking maybe I’d better catch up first before jumping into it.


Article: Forza Motorsport 7 Is Top Dog Among Many Good Racing Games [E3 2017 Preview]


Also as a racing enthusiast, I was having a tough time trying to decide between this and GTSport. F7 is looking absolutely amazing though. 4K/60FPS combined with the attention to detail that this team is going for will probably make this the best racing game ever made.


Article: Metal Gear Survive Is Surprisingly Great [E3 2017 Preview]


As a fellow Metal Gear fan, I, too, was horrified when I first learned of this game. Once I got over the initial shock and awe (Mostly in the “How DARE you make MGS without Kojima sense), I sat back and thought about it. A four player co-op game with a focus on crafting and survival against hordes of enemies that controls just like MGSV actually sounded like it would be a fun game to play with some friends.

I’m very happy that you took some time with the game to let us know how it was. I know there’s still plenty of time for things to change and whatnot, but it is good to see that this isn’t going to be what a lot of people thought it would be.


Thread: Community Wednesdays (6/21/2017): MMO vs FPS


I’ve never really liked MMOs, and I’ve tried a lot of them. Even free to play stuff like Runescape never held my interest very long.

I liked DC Universe Online purely because of the setting, but even that got boring fast.

Meanwhile, in the last few years I’ve put thousands of hours in TF2, Overwatch, R6:Siege, and BF1. Definitely more of my go-to relaxation/social games, because I don’t have to care much when I play them.

That said, I would go RPG > FPS. But MMOs? Nah.


Article: Call of Duty IV Remastered Is Going Standalone This Week, Will Be PS4 Timed Exclusive


I do enjoy MW1 and 2, but after that the games really started to suck.

MW1 was fun because you could camp and you could snipe people with assault rifles or the Barrett .50 cal from the other side of the map.

MW2 was a sniper’s paradise.

MW3 was boring to me and Black Ops wasn’t that much better.


Article: 5 Important Things I Learned about Elite: Dangerous at E3 2017 Including Atmospheric Planet Landings


About atmospheric landings they said it’s something they “could do”? As in: “We ain’t working on it.”

Ugh. I have to unload.

Elite: Dangerous is taking very long time to develope. There’s long periods of time to add to the game… something. With the exception of planetary landings on atmosphereless rocks, the features they have added since haven’t even been that big or important. Engineers? Literally a slot machine that consumes hours of your time instead of your money and the chance of making your stuff much worse is higher than making them slightly better.

Multicrew? Even at peak hours it can be a challenge to find a crew and the captain usually refuses to let anyone use the turrets because the aiming is so difficult.

Player avatars? Despite looking robust at first, the system is actually quite clunky. The options for beards, tattoos and other features like that are severely limited. And hairstyles are all very similar to each other, not to mention they are all mens style with the exception of one, the bob cut. It always leaves me unsatisfied, no matter what look I try to achieve.

The redone mission system still didn’t add any depth to it, it’s still the same old “go there and kill/deliver X” with maybe a bonus objective popping up. What about follow up missions?

The updates have been delayed to no end as well. 2.4 was supposed to land by the end of 2016. Each season was supposed to be one year. And people expected more from each. The ability to walk around your own ship. Landing on atmospheric planets. And improvements to existing systems. Both of the last season’s biggest updates, power play and wings are incredibly lackluster and in places broken. And nothing has been done to improve them even though Frontier yes-sayers were certain that “those features will be improved upon with coming updates for sure”. Well, it won’t happen this year. It’ll be 2 years since they were implemented when the “quality of life” season 3 starts. And Frontier hasn’t said they’ll fix them. So that they’ll be fixed at all is uncertain.

Star Citizen will be out before Elite: Dangerous becomes the game that the players hope it to be.


Thread: SMITE Cu Chulainn and Camazotz Giveaway!


My best moment by far was with Aphrodite. I was in arena and the score was 5 to 23 points. The enemy team was aggressive in their push to get the last kill for the win. I was connected to a Bellona. In in game chat she said her ultimate was ready, I replied the same. The rest of our team was out so we were holding down the fort. Minion wave clears were no issue for me. Bellona managed to take out enemy Odin and the remaining four were: Anubis, Apollo, Rat and Ravana. Bellona and I were at full health while they clearly needed to retreat. So Bellona “Rally Here” and, as predicted, she was stunned and ult’d on. She beads out of Anubis’s wrap and Ravana’s stun, while Apollo and Rat were airborne ready to jump on me. Sure enough they came down on me and I used my ult. Bellona killed Anubis and Ravana, I killed Apollo and Bellona helped kill Rat. All of a sudden in chat: “Awesome” “You Rock” and “Good Game” spammed. On the Victory screen were Bellona and I. I emoted to the opposing team “GG”, Bellona spam laughed and her character said, “I’m not so easily defeated’ as she was within kill range. I spammed my Taunt “Take a chill pill” and laughed. Best… Moment… Ever.


Article: I Played Knack 2 with Mark Cerny and It Was Awesome [E3 2017 Preview]


Despite what the rep told you, reading about you fawning over Mark Cerny was way more fun than reading about Knack 2.

GR reviewed the first one as ‘meh’, so I skipped. Hopefully that will change with Knack 2!


Article: Believe the Hype: Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Has GOTY Potential [E3 2017 Preview]


I picked up Wolfenstein on a sale and never played it. After this trailer, I’m so excited to play the first game to be ready for the sequel!


Article: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Is Officially 2017’s Best-Selling Game, and It isn’t Even Technically Out Yet


I’m very curious to see how well this does on XB1X. It seems like a game that would fit the XBL community nicely.