This Player Prophesied FFXIV’s Upcoming Expansions 3 Years Ago

Square Enix’s post-launch support for Final Fantasy XIV has been equally consistent and impactful. During the past two years alone, subscribers have seen the introduction of five new jobs across two expansions, and nearly half a dozen raid tiers.

This support has become cause for long-term interest among players, many of whom are constantly excited about what’s to come. Some of these players go as far as to forecast what Square Enix will add in subsequent updates, using trends and logic to anticipate what will be added next. In one case, a player has managed to accurately guess where the first two major expansions would lead players, with surprising accuracy.

As posted on the FFXIV subreddit, a user by the name NilCealum posted his projection for the future of FFXIV‘s expansions back in late 2014. They were as follows:

Here’s how I see the logical string of events. OR atleast how I hope it unfolds. =P

2.0: Rebuild Eorzea

3.0: (Sky Theme) End the Dragon song War, Establish a truly “United Eorzea”

4.0: (Eastern Theme) Liberate Ala Mhigo, and Head to Othard/Doma and liberate them. (Samurai)

5.0: (Roman Theme?) Two pronged attack on Garlemald. From the West Eorzea, and the East Othard

6.0: (Water Theme) We wipe out the remaining Garleans within Islbard and explore the lands and seas around them (They wanted am ocean themed expac at some point) (Berzerker maybe base Islbard on the Norse)

7.0: (???) We travel west in search of the new world and the wonders it holds. (Beastmaster/Geomancers maybe based on native americans)

As we would come to find out during the past three, the Dragonsong War would become the basis for the first expansion, Heavensward. Meanwhile, Ala Mhigo, Othard, and Doma are featured in this year’s Eastern-themed expansion, Stormblood.

FFXIV Stormblood

NilCaelum even managed to anticipate that Samurai would be added in the second expansion pack. It has since become one of the two most popular jobs in the game alongside Red Mage.

Despite his forecast accuracy, FFXIV fans have been skeptical about a Garlemand expansion coming this soon.  “I find it far more likely a truce will be brokered and we’ll be sent to Garlemald in 4.x as an Eorzean emissary”, said Cobheran, another frequent Reddit user.

What we do know is that adding two DPS jobs has significantly increased dungeon queues for many players. Due to this, it’s safe to assume that a healer and tank will be added in the next expansion. Many players expect that Geomancer will be included as a healer, as it’s already been featured in the Astrologian questline.

In our review of Stormblood we called it “The Golden Era of Final Fantasy XIV“. You can read the official review here.