Tell GR: At What Price Would You Buy a VR Headset?

With Oculus announcing that its Oculus Rift headset will be getting its price slashed by 50%, that got us thinking: at what point will virtual reality be affordable enough that it can become mainstream?

I purchased an Oculus Rift at $600 a few months after it came out, but only because I needed it to write VR game coverage. Looking back, there was no way I would have invested in a VR headset at full price. I simply didn’t use my headset often enough to validate such a purchase, even if when I did use it I had an incredible amount of fun in short spurts.

Though, times have changed. During the past three months alone, several notable games have released, including Robo Recall, The Mage’s Tale, and Super Hot VR. I’ve found myself using the headset more often, and hitting a lot more genres outside of the arcade shooters and basic tech demo content that dominated the early months. Combined with the price drops, investing in a VR headset is inching closer to being recommendable for the average gamer.

At what price would you buy a VR headset? Let us know in the comments below.