Apple VR headset will be a ‘pricey, niche precursor,’ reports suggest

Apple is working on its own VR headsets, according to reports. Like with other Apple hardware, the company’s first foray into the VR market is apparently going to be “pricey.” It is expected to act as a “niche precursor” for future products. Here’s the need-to-know on a potential Apple VR release date and features.

Apple VR | Everything we know

Apple VR headset

Initial reports from Bloomberg claim that an upcoming Apple VR headset will launch at a high price tag with the intention of setting a foundation for a “more ambitious augmented reality product that will take longer to develop.” The endgame here is reportedly Apple AR glasses.

Codenamed “N301,” Apple VR is stated as using some of Apple’s “most advanced and powerful chips” and using displays that “are much high-resolution than those in existing VR products.” It also, allegedly, has a built-in fan to keep components cool.

Is there an Apple VR headset release date?

The Apple VR headset release date is “as soon as 2022.”

Reports suggest that this release date will have Apple VR going up against Facebook’s Oculus, Sony’s PlayStation VR, and HTC’s VR lineup.

How much will Apple VR be?

The price of Apple VR will be $700 or above.

According to reports, the first Apple VR headset will be “far more expensive than those from rivals.” With the high-end VR headset from HTC costing upwards of $700,  Apple certainly isn’t aiming to make a budget device.

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