5 Tips I Wish I Knew Before Starting Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2’s official release is just around the corner, but before we pull up the net to see how many squids jumped into the game, it’s time to rap, squid kid style, about some things I wish I had known before going into the game for the first time (or simply remembered.) As it turns out, some things are different, and some things are still the same. Some of these tips could be applied to the original Splatoon as well as Splatoon 2, so if you’re looking to make a splash for the first time, keep these things in mind.

1. Upgrade Early and Often


If you plan on dominating Turf War, you’re going to have to make sure you’re upgrading as much as you can. Your starter weapons just can’t hold a candle to what your opponents are likely using, and you’re not going to get enough ink to cover the area around you. While people jet over you and roll into you with paint rollers you’ll still be impotently spewing ink here and there without much effect on the environment around you. So make sure you make frequent trips to upgrade and purchase newer weapons whenever you’re able to. This means sometimes you’re going to have to hit up single-player mode, and that’s okay. Don’t neglect your arms, now!

2. Your Gear isn’t Just for Looks.


Take a look at the gear in the shops in the plaza and all the awesome clothing they offer. It’s pretty stylish, right? It’s got a lot of uses beyond just looking good. The shops will rotate out items often, so it’s in your best interest to scout out gear that works for you. Each of the different clothing item types has a special buff, whether it increases your speed or ink capacity. Pair the items with other sweet clothing, head accessories, or shoes to get the most out of your equipment setup. So while you might find some sick gear to outfit your character with, you might end up having to make some ugly mixed-up outfits in the name of having an awesome set of abilities. Of course if you’re lucky you can find some pretty great clothing that also offers what you want for your character too.

3. You Can Order Other Squids’ Gear


Speaking of gear, you might often see a squid in the main plaza with some striking equipment you want for your own. Don’t know where they got it but want to get your hands on it? Don’t fret and get jealous. There’s a way to get it and make it all your own. Look for the spiny character near the main multiplayer lobby. That’s Spyke. He’s a sea urchin.  Like in the first game, talk to him to unlock the option when you see that he’s available to speak to. You’ll be able to then walk up to any characters in your main plaza area and press A to talk to them. You’ll have the option to order specific items they’re wearing.

A search will be performed to see if any are currently available, but if you get the gear from amiibo you won’t be able to order it. You’ll have to get it the same way, by using an amiibo. But everything else that’s not a special piece of equipment is fair game. This way you shouldn’t have any issues getting things you want, but make sure you stay vigilant so you can be quick about grabbing what’s yours. If this has slipped your mind from the first game or you just didn’t ever use it, now’s a great time to do so!

4. The Paint Roller May Be Useful, but It Has Its Downsides


Early on when you play multiplayer, you’re going to want to make sure you’re focused on laying down as much ink as you can in Turf War. You might think the paint roller is the way to go when it comes to covering ground quick, especially since it can get ink on the ground quick. It’s an ideal tool for doing that, for sure, and you can knock other players out of the way with it. It’s pretty simple to use and it’s more useful than using guns sometimes if you need a quick boost of ink, but you’re also open to pretty much anyone splatting you from a long distance while you’re rolling. Use only when necessary and if you’ve got a clear shot at your goal.

5. Online Salmon Run Only Happens During Pre-scheduled Times


I knew this, forgot about it, and I’m still disappointed. It really should be something that’s available to play online at all times. You can play it locally, but it won’t net you any experience. Sigh.