Someone Actually Beat Portal on PC Without Moving the Mouse

Some gamers are so ridiculously skilled that you really need to sit down and question how they do what they do. In the case of YouTuber Imanex, they’ve done something particularly impressive that seems nigh-impossible. It seems as though they’ve completed the entire game without using the mouse to move the in-game camera. Essentially, this means they’ve had to go through and complete tasks without looking around freely with the assistance of the mouse.

The 37-minute playthrough can be seen on YouTube as Imanex painstakingly moves straight through each area and puzzle with the precision of someone who’s obviously been playing Portal over and over for some time. Let’s be honest. Portal is difficult enough when you have the mouse to work with if you’re trying to puzzle over what to do and where to go next, especially for the first time. This practiced movement is something to see.

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I don’t want to say I could do this too, but honestly it just doesn’t even seem possible when I load up the game and try it out. Kudos to Imanex for accomplishing this kind of feat, especially using only keyboard keys to shoot portals as well. The video posted to YouTube is without commentary, but Imanex states they are looking to add some soon so we might get even more insight into how this speedrun was accomplished. Either way, it’s an awesome job. Fantastic work, Imanex. Come share some of those skills with me.