Watch: Counter-Strike Player Destroys Enemies Using Steering Wheel And Overpowered Negev

YouTube channel Anomaly published a video yesterday demonstrating some “dumb ways to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive“. While most of the methods proved underwhelming, putting the player at a disadvantage, perhaps the most ridiculous method of them all ended up being the most effective.

Halfway through the video the player is shown playing on de_cache with a Logitech G29 racing wheel. Paired with the newly buffed Negev machine gun, he was able to take down multiple opponents with controllable ease.

The Negev was recently changed dramatically to be inaccurate during its first couple seconds of fire before, as Valve would put it, turning “into a deadly controllable beam”. A few days later it would have its price reduced to $2,000, and even be re-introduced into competitive matchmaking.

Complaints have been reported across the community, particularly in competitive matches on de_dust2 where Terrorist players can spray down the mid double doors for more than 10 seconds, making it nearly impossible for Counter-Terrorists to cross into B site.

The video (seen below) also shows what it’s like to play CS:GO with a joystick, controller, guitar, drums, and more. No, we aren’t kidding.