The People Speak: Half-Life Eclipse

This week we reviewed Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Yakuza Kiwami. We also wrote about our favorite Half-Life mods, visited Ubisoft’s offices to get hands-on with Assassin’s Creed Origins and The Crew 2, and spoke about the solar eclipse.

We also broke the news that h3h3Productions won its lawsuit—you may have seen us on the front page of Reddit. Although not directly related to gaming, this case will affect how copyright is handled and interpreted on YouTube for years to come.

Below are 10 of the most popular comments from community members during the last week.

1. TurinAlexander

Article: Tell GR: Did You See the Solar Eclipse?

Comment: We got about 80% where I live. My boss was fine with everyone heading outside to see it, so we all went out and had a look. It was neat, but without the glasses, you couldn’t even see the moon. Even 20% of the sun is still blindingly bright. Luckily I had a pair, otherwise it would have been a waste of time.

The next one in 2024 is going to be much closer. I’ll be making the trip to an area that gets the total eclipse for that one. Today’s was just a fun way to get out if work for a bit.

2. Oblivion437

Article: Former Half-Life Writer Publishes Mysterious Story That Might Be a Canceled Half-Life 2: Episode 3

Comment: This is as close to confirmation that the episodes have been permanently binned that we’re ever likely to get. It’s a shame.

3. Drathbone

Article: Happy Bday Valve: 5 Half-Life Mods That Elevated PC Gaming

Comment: I’m happy to have been able to experience TF on Quake. TF (not tf2, I hated the cartoony graphics) is very nostalgic for me.

That being said, I played tons of mods, including the ones above. Science and Industry, Garys Mod, Action HL (I think it was called). Some others, but I can’t remember them specifically.

4. The_bad_who

Forum Thread: What Sports Are You Watching This Season?

Comment: Montreal Canadiens! Big fan and my hometown team. Can’t help it, I’m from Canada. We are basically born with a hockey stick in our hands!

5. Devin_Charles

Article: Madden NFL 18 Review – Marginal Improvements Don’t Cut It Anymore

Comment: Like you said “It’s Madden”. EA hasn’t looked in the rear view mirror in years, so they add and subtract as they feel fit. Few times have they introduced a game changing feature. And until they have any real competition, if ever, Madden will mostly be the same. I dig the new passing option but let’s be real, that will be gone soon, replaced by some other option that will also perish. With that said, it’s the [email protected]#t, the fellas and some ladies will continue to battle it out, in an endless bout of trash talking, and wading in spilled beer.

6. Trendkill88

Article: What Are You Playing? August 24th, 2017

Comment: I’m close to the end of Wasteland 2 on PS4. It’s a great game but once you get past the halfway mark it has a tendency to crash frequently. Plus, I kinda got myself into a quagmire where I need to level up my safecracking skill to proceed so I’ve got a little grinding ahead of me.

Aside from that, just killing time until Everybody Golf drops Tuesday. Been a huge fan since the second game way back in the 90’s and I’ve kept up with the series since. I’m pretty excited to see what they’ve done with the new one.

7. Drathbone

Article: Half of GameStop Loyalty Customers Spend More on Collectibles Than They Do on Video Games

Comment: I was just in Gamestop the other week with my wife and kid. Literally half the store is collectibles, with the other half reserved to a shrinking videogame inventory. They have gone the way of Hot-Topic and realize the market buys videogames digitally now.

I have to admit, I bought no videogames, I renewed my subscription to GI and I bought a $20 mario box that had a cool canvas picture (hanging in my daughters room), dr mario socks, a notepad (that i have at my desk) and a mario kart hook thats on my daughters backpack.

8. Master_Craig

Article: Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Is a Mobile Version of Last Year’s JRPG

Comment: I heard that Square-Enix was interested in developing Final Fantasy XV for the Nintendo Switch.

Obviously, the Switch wouldn’t be able to handle the original FFXV, but it seems likely that this “pocket edition” could most likely be ported to the Switch. If Square really do end up developing FFXV for the Switch, it’ll probably be this pocket version.

9. sli

Article: Previously Sold Out Xbox One X Now In-Stock at Amazon

Comment: Ooh Project Scorpio limited (?) controller sounds like a cool incentive. Too bad I ain’t in the market for a new console; non-pro PS4 is more than enough right now!

10. Nanotroll 2

Article: How Retailers Continue to Drop the SNES Classic Preorder Ball

Comment: There’s only one realistic way to stop this from happening.

#1 force the customer to pay with a credit card.

#2 disallow more than one order at a time. Force the customer to redo the order process each time – in order to ensure they don’t just snatch 5 and 10 units at once.

#3 Have a timeout between purchases for the same card.

When iPhone 6 Plus first hit the scenes, there were ARMIES of Chinese lined up to get them, buy them up and ship em back to China for markup sales. I almost didn’t get mine.

They aimed for the largest capacity Plus model (128GB).

Now, apple only allows two per customer and forces you to pre-order online before you actually come to the store for pickup. I had some trouble getting my 6s – had to drive further than I’d liked. But getting the 7 Plus 256GB was easy as pie. this year, I’ll probably do even better.