Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Is a Mobile Version of Last Year’s JRPG [Gamescom 2017]

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is a newly announced game by Square Enix that hopes to recreate last year’s JRPG experience on mobile. Optimized for touch controls and quick play sessions, it will mimic many of the same gameplay experiences and narrative set pieces of the original game, but with exaggerated cartoon-like character models.

The experience will span 10 episodes that are said to total at 20 hours in length. The first of these will be available for free, with the others costing a fee.

The announcement is particularly surprising given there is already a Final Fantasy XV title on mobile, titled Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. Although the gameplay angles of these two titles are very different, it’s clear that Square Enix is hoping to tap into the full financial potential of what was an incredibly costly investment. Though, it made a move long before it knew Final Fantasy XV would be received well, as development began a full two years ago.

The reveal trailer is below:

Similar to Nintendo, Square Enix has been pushing for a greater presence on mobile where it sees larger profit margins and lower risk development.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition will release later this year for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 mobile.