Luigi is Nintendo’s New Bad Boy, and Here’s Why

You may think Luigi is just Mario’s awkward brother in green. An innocent palette swap who’s a little taller than his brother, who everyone loves. Well, you’re wrong. He’s the new bad boy Nintendo has been hard at work grooming for some time now to be the ne’er-do-well you love to hate. Don’t believe me? The signs have been there all along, but you probably just didn’t notice because of how pure and good Mario is all the time.

Well, it’s just a cover-up to make up for Luigi’s villainous ways. Mario’s out there doing all the good because Luigi’s trying to go down a very different path. A path where he gives other kart racers a hateful stare when he runs them off the track. Luigi just doesn’t give a good Goomba about anyone but himself, and he’s proud of it. In fact, he’s gonna slide by in his kart and take devilish pleasure in the fact that he’s just caused an automobile accident. Because he’s literally becoming Nintendo’s greatest jerk, and I’m actually totally here for it.

After living in his brother’s shadow all these years, it’s clear Luigi has developed some sort of complex where he feels like he constantly has to prove himself. With every new Mario game released featuring the brothers, Mario tends to get all the glory while poor Luigi is left to his own devices or treated like a simpleton — though, of course, he does act like one sometimes. Mario gets the princess (Daisy may be awesome, but she’s not the main princess) and all the spotlight, and Luigi has to support him all the way.

It’s apparently all lead Luigi to become a jaded, hateful thing who kills for pleasure and excitement in the case of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle…or at least, that’s what it looks like. It took this long for us to notice, but oh, we’re noticing now. Just watch Luigi in the game’s latest trailer as he sends off a carefully-packed ride of doom to his enemies, knowing he’s about to send them to Kingdom Come. There’s no remorse there. Just gleeful havoc. Damn, Luigi. You’s cold. And not because of the ice and snow around you. Those enemies died, my dude. You dab on the haters, not the dead guys.

Nintendo seems to be keen on giving this new and “improved” Luigi, this change from the milquetoast brother we all grew up with, time in the spotlight, and while his newest appearance may have come from a third-party developer, there’s no telling what’s in store for the lime-flavored Mario brother in the future.

What would eventually make for a hilarious time would be seeing Luigi groomed to become some sort of villain if I’m being honest, even though we know nothing like that would never happen. I still think it’s awfully weird that he exudes these villain-like tendencies from time to time, like he’s lightweight a sociopath and is totally losing his grip on his violent tendencies.

Of course, you know this isn’t actually going to happen. It’s fun to think about though, because out of all the potentially “evil” characters from the Mario universe, Luigi is the one I’d believe would defect the soonest. We could have a real Solid and Liquid Snake thing going on someday, I just know it. Just remember I told you here and now, with Luigi’s evil stares, murderous dabs, and rebel without a care personality bubbling to the surface. You can thank me for warning you later. Until then, check out Luigi’s character trailer where the dab goes down below.