Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is Finally Confirmed, Actually Kinda Cool

One of the worst kept secrets of this years E3, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle has finally been officially confirmed.

Shigeru Miyamoto joined the Ubisoft press conference to showcase some of the weaponry found in the new crossover. Before developers came on stage to showcase gameplay, and it looks great from the small sample of footage we’ve seen. You can check out the announcement trailer on Ubisoft’s youtube page.

It looks like a mixture of Final Fantasy Tactics and XCOM meets the zany world of the Rabbids and the  Mushroom Kingdom (and for some reason your characters are following around a roomba). The combat takes place in a designated area, where you move characters a limited distance each turn, either to cover or into attack range where they can shoot other rabbids.


Despite the not-so-tight inclusion of the rabbids, the strategic gameplay looks very interesting and fun. If you’re able to look past them then it’s something to keep and eye on.

The new crossover is set to hit Nintendo Switch on August 9th.