Destiny 2 Server Maintenance is Frustrating Players in Europe

The Destiny 2 weekly reset has again ensured that players in Europe can’t access the game during peak playtime, with the server maintenance that typically comes with the update rendering the game unplayable during the evening.

With Bungie being a US-based company, the Destiny 2 server maintenance is therefore routinely planned to take place during times when the majority of those within its Pacific time zone are at work, giving them time to play the game when they get home. However, in Europe it’s a different story, with this downtime lasting into the evening. For example, yesterday’s maintenance lasted until 12pm PT / 3pm ET in the US, but concluded at around 8pm BST.

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As noted by Eurogamer, there have now been four scheduled rounds of maintenance for Destiny 2, with two lasting six hours and two lasting four. While these have concluded in the afternoon in the US, they have significantly eaten into the average European player’s time with the game, and as a result each new server maintenance announcement is being met with a barrage of complaints from players in the UK and elsewhere.

While it’s understandable that Bungie would schedule server maintenance during times when the majority of its players won’t be active, the length of each round of downtime is nonetheless becoming a major gripe for players outside the company’s home country. Destiny 2 is a major online game that inevitably requires updates to keep it tickling along, and to ensure that fixes are pushed out to keep players satisfied. However, if these updates continue to eat into a significant portion of playtime for a large chunk of its players, then needless to say Bungie are going to continue to be bombarded by complaints from players in the UK and the rest of Europe.