GR Votes: What is the Best Survival Horror Series?

It’s October — d’you know what that means? Yes, it’s that time of the year again where you’ll be busy pretending you’re not home when a group of children dressed up as vampires knock on your door asking for candy. It’s Halloween month!

This Friday will see the release of The Evil Within 2 (you can read our review of the new survival horror game right here), the first nail-biting game in a month of frights. It also got us thinking: what is the best survival horror series in gaming?

There’s been plenty of scary games, sure, but which games have been so pant-wettingly terrifying that they’ve formed the basis of an entire franchise of similarly nerve-racking games? That’s the topic of this week’s edition of GR Votes, and you can head on over to our official forums via the link below to have your say.

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Last week’s results: Last week we asked the GameRevolution community to tell us the game you’re most looking forward to playing in October. Unsurprisingly, the majority vote for Super Mario Odyssey (echoing my own thoughts on the matter). The upcoming Nintendo Switch platformer, which recently received its first ever review, beat out the likes of runners-up Assassin’s Creed Origins and South Park: The Fractured But Whole.