The People Speak: Star Wars: Loot Boxes Strike Back

This week we’ve seen some particularly great comments from the GameRevolution community, with our readers discussing everything from Star Wars Battlefront 2‘s loot boxes to Animal Crossing‘s mental health benefits.

We’ve searched through all of your responses to our articles and picked out our favorite comments, which you can take a look at below in this week’s edition of The People Speak:


1. Bufford

Article: How Animal Crossing Helped Me Get Through a Very Bad Year

Comment: My wife has clinical OCD. Stress makes it worse. We got a SNES knock-off and all that era’s Mario and Donkey Kong Country games about the time her parents’ health went to hell. She played the hell out of them. Said it was very therapeutic and that her OCD was less aggressive during this period despite the uptick in stress. After watching her, I totally agree that games can help alleviate mental health issues.

She started reading the Wheel of Time saga a few years ago. Doesn’t play the SNES much as a result. She says absorbing stories are just as effective.

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2. Starling

Article: Tell GR: What Are Your Thoughts on Loot Boxes?

Comment: They suck terribly. Whatever they offer, it’s random and that’s gambling. If there’s anything, anything at all you want that’s in a loot box, the chances of getting what you want are low. Is it a cool skin for your favorite character? Too bad you get crappy skins for other characters instead that you never play nor want to play.

And when you don’t get what you want, it’s an incentive to try again, no? That’s the basis of slot machine, er, I mean loot box. Make random crap more probable than what the player wants so if they want something they’ll have to throw money away for it. Even if the loot box can be bought with ingame currency that you can earn, it still means that you are throwing away your time. Especially if that currency can be used for more useful things.

Everything in the game should be obtainable in a meaningful, deliberate way. Lootboxes however don’t do that. Loot boxes serve no gameplay. They are literally gambling.


3. Sliverstorm

Article: It Would Be Weird if Wolfenstein 2 Wasn’t Political

Comment: I can’t say I had that experience with the first game. But if you consider The New Order political, then I’m happy to have the same level of politics in The New Colossus.

Given that Charlottesville rally happened only a few months ago, I strongly hope that the game didn’t go through major revisions to make a statement regarding those events–I can’t imagine such a last minute change doing anything but weakening the overall presentation.


4. Mandy Mason

Article: How Animal Crossing Helped Me Get Through a Very Bad Year

Comment: My father passed away a month ago yesterday and I’ve been playing a lot of AC: NL and other games in the pass month. The games have helped immensely in dealing with all the stress that has suddenly fallen in my lap from becoming the one to deal with the household finances to helping my mum who also has health issues, to dealing with my own disabilities and health issues. I just wish more people could see all the good video games do other than just focusing on the bad.


5. MattAY

Article: The Evil Within 2 Review – Not What You Were Expecting

Comment: Cheers for the review Paul. Disappointing to hear about the open world section, but the second half sounds good enough to buy the game at a discounted price down the road! Sounds like I’ll also be playing on a higher than normal difficulty.


6. R G

Article: How Animal Crossing Helped Me Get Through a Very Bad Year

Comment: I was also helped greatly by Animal Crossing while going through my latest round of IVF. It managed to keep my mind off all my concerns and it was a time each day I didn’t need to worry about making mistakes.