GR Votes: What is the Best Star Wars Game?

We’ve received a nigh-on innumerable number of Star Wars games over the years, with video game adaptations of the sci-fi series having existed since the early ’80s. With Star Wars Battlefront 2 shaping up nicely (aside from those unfortunate loot boxes) we’re giving you, our GameRevolution readers, the opportunity to cast your vote for the best game ever to feature that galaxy far, far away.

Though there have been plenty of underwhelming Star Wars games over the years, but as a series it has more than delivered when compared with the majority of movie adaptations. From engrossing RPGs such as Knights of the Old Republic to the classic platforming action of the Super Star Wars trilogy, there has been plenty of variety in the Star Wars games released by LucasArts and, most recently, EA. With that being said, cast your vote for the Star Wars game you feel is the best of the best below.

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Last week’s results: Last week we asked the GameRevolution community to decide upon the best survival horror series. In a surprising turn of events, Dead Space took home the crown ahead of the likes of Resident Evil and Silent HillThe series was in the lead even before it was revealed that Visceral, the studio behind the sci-fi horror series, had been shut down by parent company EA, so it seems that plenty of GR readers will be saddened by the news that the developer is no more. Hopefully the creative minds behind the series will return to the survival horror genre in the future.