Tell GR: Have You Bought an Xbox One X?

The Xbox One X is officially out, with the “true 4K” hardware seeing Microsoft become the manufacturer of the most powerful console of this generation. Early sales figures from regions outside the US are positive, so this iterative update could well put the Xbox One family back on track at the tail-end of a poor year.

GameRevolution’s Jason Faulkner expressed his thoughts on the Xbox One X last week, and I’ll be providing our full review sooner rather than later, but I can tell you that I both agree and disagree with his opinions on the console. While I do agree that releasing this system in the midst of a game drought for the Xbox One is questionable, I also don’t think that Microsoft should have rushed into the next console generation, and that this is probably what the company needs to keep them in the mixer until the Xbox Two or whatever comes out.

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I’ve been busy spending some time with the console, and I can confirm for those who haven’t splashed the cash on it that it is indeed some very impressive hardware. Though there are those who rightly argue that you can make your games look prettier and run better if you ditch the console and go for PC, being able to get your hands on this technology straight out of a box is undoubtedly alluring, and watching the rain splash up from beneath the tires of my car in Forza Motorsport 7 before the sun peaked out from behind the clouds was a pretty awe-inspiring sequence, as far as video games go. The Xbox One X actually made me say “oh wow” out loud while looking at fake rain, so that has to count for something.

Have you bought an Xbox One X yet? Are you waiting for the holiday? Or are you not interested in Microsoft’s new console in the slightest? Let us know in the comments below.