The People Speak: The Xbox One X Launch, Call of Duty’s Return and More

The past few weeks have been particularly busy at Your Favorite Gaming Site™, and November is yet another month packed with exciting releases. A lot of people have been flocking to our Call of Duty: WW2 coverage, which is nice, and also serves as further evidence of how much interest Sledgehammer Games’ return to CoD’s “boots on the ground” gameplay has garnered. The game has already made over $500 million, after all.

Elsewhere, our news story detailing the Xbox One X’s launch problems prompted plenty of discussion, with some early owners of the new console revealing that they had received defective hardware that “died” upon start-up. We also took a look back at how the gaming industry’s perception of the Nintendo Switch had changed since the console’s launch, with publishers such as Capcom who hadn’t bet on the system’s success now scrabbling to develop more games for it. Then there was our trip to BlizzCon 2017, in which we got to try out Overwatch’s new map — sorry, “virtual theme park” — and explored the expo’s mysterious Darkmoon Faire.

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But that’s enough about us — you had a lot to say this week, too. Here are our favorite comments left by our readers this past week.


Article: Nintendo Switch Then vs Now: How the Game Industry Changed its Tune on the Console

Comment: “Just goes to show, gamers want a system that has games on it. Just release a wide variety of titles that appeal to a large audience, as the Switch has, and the gamers will follow. Nobody really cares about power, they care about fun games.”



Article: Guild Wars 2 Mount Skins Cost Players up to $120 to Get the Skin They Want

Comment: “Such drama could have easily been avoided if the marketing department was more in touch with the player base.

I feel sorry for the Arena Net developers. They love their game and care about making their player base happy, then a higher up makes a crappy decision and now all of them are paying for it.

They may do something about it though, the issue has gotten too big to be swept under the carpet.”


Article: Square Enix is Aggressively Developing “Mid-Range” Switch Games, Says Switch is Similar to PS4 and Xbox One

Comment: “Beginning to question my switch purchase a whole lot less…”



Article: PS4 in 2018: How the Console is Shaping Up For the New Year

Comment: “The PS4 has really killed it this current gen. I was a bit skeptical with its slow start, but man has it paid off…”



Article: Tell GR: How Would You Change Call of Duty?

Comment: “Call of Duty can not do anything to become as popular as it once was. Even if they put the series on ice for 10 years and then come back, those who dislike it now would just roll their eyes (I included) and say “Here we go again…”.”