Reports of Dying Xbox One X Consoles Blemish Launch Day

It never fails. Every single console that releases has its share of duds. It seems like the Xbox One X is no different. There are reports on several internet forums from frustrated owners of dead Xbox One X consoles, and they all seem to follow the same pattern.

Xbox One X Dead: Major Issues Owners are Having

Whether it just affects the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition, or if all the initial models are affected is unknown, but each complaint we’ve seen so far is the same.

Players have stated via Reddit and ResetEra that they were using their console to play a game and suddenly the Xbox One X shut off. Those with this issue said they’ve tried turning it back on, changing out cords, and any number of fixes with no results.

There doesn’t seem to be a correlation in what’s causing these hardware failures. Reported cases have occurred while playing different games, and the problem presents itself with the same symptoms each time: total unresponsiveness.

What to Do if Your Xbox One X is Defective

If your Xbox One X is dead, you should contact Microsoft immediately. Your console is under warranty and will be replaced. A faster way to get a new console would be to take it back to the retailer you purchased it at. Even if you bought it online through Best Buy or Walmart, you should be able to perform an exchange at a brick-and-mortar location. The catch here is that many stores may not have any extra units to exchange with you.

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Unfortunately, it seems a lot of the issues are affecting the Limited Edition Project Scorpio Xbox One X consoles. We’re not sure how many in total have been manufactured, but it’s likely if you have to perform a warranty return to Microsoft that you will receive a standard Xbox One X console in exchange.

If you’re dead set on having a Project Scorpio Xbox though, there is a chance you can still get one if you act fast. There are several retailers as of writing that have that model in stock online, so you could feasibly get a refund at a brick-and-mortar and use the money to get a new one online. It’s also possible that online-only retailers may allow you to exchange directly for a Project Scorpio if you ask in live chat.

How widespread these Xbox One X issues are isn’t known yet. When any sophisticated electronic device comes out, it’s expected a few units will be defective, so hopefully, we won’t see any more people affected by it.