Is Destiny 2 Worth It?: Curse of Osiris Gives You Less Content for More Money Than the Base Game

Reviews for Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris are out, and the expansion is catching a lot of flak for being light in new content from fans and critics alike. In our review, I expressed the same feelings, which got me to wondering if there was a way to see if Curse of Osiris is objectively worth buying or not. Quantifying if a game is a ripoff is no easy task, but I’ve given it my best shot.

You can take my results with a grain of salt, but I’ve gathered a list of all the tangible events in the base game of Destiny 2 and the Curse of Osiris expansion to see if it’s worth buying or not.

Is Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris a Ripoff?: Methodology

After finishing up the new activities in Curse of Osiris I personally felt ripped off, but I wanted to see if there’s actually less value in the expansion compared to the base Destiny 2 content. To do this, I tallied up the events in both the base game and expansion that could actually be “completed,” as well as the exotic gear.

Once I got this number, I divided the price of each product by the number of events it has to get the average price per event. As I thought, each defined activity in Curse of Osiris costs about 11 cents more than those found in the base game.

Destiny 2 Base Game vs. Curse of Osiris: Which is the Better Value?

After I tallied up the base game and Curse of Osiris activities I got the following numbers:

Destiny 2 Base GameCurse of Osiris
Campaign Missions
Strikes5+1 PS4 Exclusive1
Raids1 Full Raid1 “Raid Lair”
Public Event Types91
Public Events Total341
Crucible Maps8+1 PS4 Exclusive2+1 PS4 Exclusive
Total Points16943
0.35 per Activity0.46 per Activity

As you can see in the table, each activity and each exotic were assigned one point. Since most players will spend time grinding for exotic engrams and completing Public Events, Crucible matches, Strikes, and running the raids during the end game, this should give a pretty good indicator of how much value the Curse of Osiris expansion has compared to the base content included with Destiny 2.

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Even assigning a points system and figuring out the price per activity makes whether Curse of Osiris is worth the money incredibly subjective. Over the short term, sticking with the base game is going to be a better value. However, if you plan to stay with the game over the next season and into the second expansion, then the investment in Curse of Osiris doesn’t look so bad.

Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris: Is it Worth Buying?

Curse of Osiris is definitely underwhelming on paper, but with the way Bungie is running the game, you almost have to buy the expansion whether you want to or not if you’re going to keep playing the latest content. You already have to have it to play the Prestige Leviathan raid this week, and more and more activities will be blocked to you if you can’t raise your character to the new power and character level caps.

I’d say if you’re on the fence on whether you want to stick with Destiny 2, there are a lot better games you can spend your money on (you can check our Game of the Year lists for a few). Unless you just absolutely love the Destiny universe, there’s not anything in Curse of Osiris you’re missing. The best bet is to wait until the third expansion for Destiny 2 comes out and buy whatever bundle is up for sale then. You’ll likely get the first two expansions cheap and have a ton of new content to play at once instead of getting it piecemeal as the first two expansions release.