Tell GR: What Did You Think of The Game Awards?

The Game Awards were a lengthy watch this year, with the show clocking in at around the three-hour mark and doing its utmost to prove that it’s the big, important industry event producer / host Geoff Keighley wants it to be.

While it was a drag at times, 2017 was definitely the show’s best year, with it boasting a number of exclusive trailers including the incomparable Death Stranding, along with the very shouter developer for A Way Out bellowing: “Fuck the Oscars!” before rambling about EA’s loot boxes. It was weird, it was funny, and it was one of the realest, most unscripted moments you’re likely to see in a games industry show.

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We’ve already dissected the Death Stranding trailer and discussed exactly why Bayonetta 3 is such a big deal for the Nintendo Switch, but The Game awards had plenty more talking points worthy of our attention. A surprising game adaptation of World War Z was announced, while Soul Calibur 6 received its debut trailer and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s new DLC was unveiled — there was certainly a lot to get through.

But what were your thoughts on The Game Awards? Did you think they were an improvement over previous ceremonies? What were your thoughts on the games we got to see during the show? As always, let us know in the comments section below.