GR Votes: Which Game Console Gave You the Best Christmas?

If you’re a child, teenager or grown adult, it doesn’t matter — there’s nothing quite like finding a brand new console beneath the tree on Christmas Day.

Video games have been a staple of Christmas Day since the ’80s, and the chances are that one of your favorite memories involves unwrapping a brand new system and reacting to it like the Nintendo 64 Kid. Or, y’know, slightly less visibly enthusiastic but just as excited nonetheless.

I remember unwrapping an SNES back in the ’90s, slotting in that F-Zero cartridge and having my mind blown by its Mode 7 graphics (it’s like playing in 3D! Except it isn’t!), before devoting a significant portion of my childhood to beating Super Mario World in as little time as possible. Then there was the year I got my PS2 along with a copy of WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain, which I still contend is the best wrestling game ever made (sorry, WWF No Mercy), and that time I finally succumbed to Pokemon with a Game Boy Color and a copy of Pokemon Red.

But which console gave you the best Christmas? Head on over to our official forum and cast your vote!

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Last week’s results: Last week we asked you to vote on the games you wanted to see from the Disney/Fox deal, and surprisingly your highest priority release was a new Alien survival-horror game. While a lot of folks loved the cult hit Alien: Isolation, we would have thought that a new Deadpool game or X-Men characters being reintroduced to Capcom’s fighters would have been more popular, though the GR community pleasantly surprised us by asking for an Isolation sequel. Hopefully Creative Assembly comes up with the goods in the near future.