Tell GR: What Game Series Deserves a Comeback?

We live in an age of remasters and remakes. Even if a developer doesn’t go ahead with a sequel to one of their old classics, if there’s enough interest, there’s a strong likelihood that they’ll be brought back to the PS4 or Xbox One.

But we don’t want remasters or remakes; we want sequels. We want to see TimeSplitters 4, Power Stone 3, Knights of the Old Republic 3 and, yes, Half-Life 3. We’re already getting Beyond Good and Evil 2 in the future, a sequel that almost looked like it was never going to be brought to life, so what about some of the other forgotten classics? Yes, we appreciate seeing HD remasters of our favorite games from yesteryear, but where the f*** is our Skate 4?!

So what game series do you think should be brought back? Which old classics deserve to be revitalized on the current-gen consoles and PC? As always, let us know in the comments section below!