New TimeSplitters announced by Free Radical Design, but when can we play it?

A new TimeSplitters game is coming from Free Radical Design, with the old British studio having been reformed by publisher Deep Silver under the direction of previous founders Steve Ellis and David Doak. It’s unclear if this new game will be TimeSplitters 4 or something else entirely, though we know that the franchise is being brought “back to life” with more news to come. So, when will we able to play it?

New TimeSplitters game release date news

Deep Silver and Free Radical Design revealed that it has been working on plans to bring the TimeSplitters franchise back, with an official statement posted on Twitter noting that this will be the “first step in the process.” The statement also noted that development on a new game hasn’t been started yet, meaning that we’re still some ways off from a release date being given.

As a release date is seemingly in the distant future, a PS5 and Xbox Series X launch for the game seems inevitable. It’s uncertain whether or not it will appear on the last-gen PS4 and Xbox One, as the only information we have right now is that it’s on its way.

Development on TimeSplitters 4 was previously stunted after Free Radical Design was sold to Crytek and then Deep Silver’s parent company Koch Media. THQ Nordic, another arm of Koch’s Embracer Group holding company, bought the rights to the franchise in 2018. Since then, we’d heard little about plans for a TimeSplitters sequel.

TimeSplitters 4 was originally intended to be a PS3 exclusive, though given that Deep Silver is a multi-platform publisher, there’s a high possibility it won’t continue this collaboration with PlayStation and launch exclusively on the PS5. We’ll have to wait until further updates from Deep Silver and Free Radical Design to learn of their plans for the sequel.

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