Tell GR: What Would Be the Perfect Smash Bros Roster?

Nintendo announced a new Smash Bros game last week, with the company revealing that the next entry in the series will launch this year. While there is little information available about Smash Bros Switch right now, we do believe we’ve figured out quite a few of the members of its roster, though many remain a mystery.

The most exciting thing about a new Smash Bros game is undoubtedly the new fighters that are unveiled for it, and with the Inklings having now been officially revealed, we’re now left speculating who else will make an appearance. Could this finally be Toad’s time to become a fully-fledged fighter? What about Crash Bandicoot now that the N Sane Trilogy is coming to the Switch? Can we finally play as Waluigi, objectively the greatest Nintendo character?

Only time will tell in regards to these choices, but until Nintendo decides to let us in on a few more secrets, we want to know who YOU would include in your perfect Smash Bros Switch roster. Let us know in the comments section below, and tune in on Sunday to see if your comments were featured in this week’s The People Speak!