What Are You Playing? Far Cry 5, Fortnite, and More

It’s been a big couple of weeks for video games. Far Cry 5 has released, we’re still sinking our teeth into Ni no Kuni 2, and Sea of Thieves… well, we kinda gave up on Sea of Thieves quicker than we expected. But there’s still a lot to play! So much, in fact, that we’re eager to hear what you’ve put at the top of your to-play list this week. Let us know in the comments section below!

Paul Tamburro: There have been three major releases this month, but I’m still playing Divinity: Original Sin 2. Sea of Thieves didn’t keep my interest for long and I’ve yet to jump into Far Cry 5, though it’s unlikely that anything could pull me away from what, in hindsight, is probably my personal favorite game of last year. It’s so good.

Jason Faulkner: I’m still making my way through Ni no Kuni 2 in between completing Far Cry 5 side missions. Absolutely love Ni no Kuni 2 and have the opposite feelings about Far Cry 5. At a certain point, Far Cry starts feeling like a slog, which is unfortunate because it had a lot of potential.

Aimee Hart: Once again I’m falling into the JRPG-shaped rabbit hole with Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings! It’s my first time playing a game from the Atelier series but I most certainly don’t regret it. It’s making me wish more than anything to start the other two games. JRPG fans, pick this up!

Bradley Russell: Far Cry 5 for me. It’s actually not all that often that I get to play new games on or around release day, but I made an exception for this. Was it the immersive open-world that dragged me in? Or the wonderfully-charismatic villain? No. It was shooting dogs with the help of a li’l pupper. Obviously.

Alleef Ashaari: I’ve been playing Far Cry 5 since launch day and it’s been explosive mayhem all the way. It’s fun as heck, especially when I finally recruited a dog and a cougar to be my loyal companions. I’m looking forward to recruiting the bear next. Yes, a bear, a cougar, and a dog. Sounds like a bad joke, I know. And no, not that kind of cougar.

Mack Ashworth: It’s still all about Fortnite, I’m afraid. I’m waaaay behind on the Battle Pass objectives, so I’ll be grinding those. The new Sniper Shootout v2 limited time mode sounds great, too!