10 Smash Bros Switch Roster Additions We Want to See

In the aftermath of one of gaming’s biggest mic-drops of 2018, fans of Super Smash Bros are scrambling to put together a puzzle where there are very few pieces. Nintendo’s Smash Bros Switch teaser was a tease indeed, revealing in dramatic fashion characters we’ve come to know and love across multiple franchises. Splatoon’s Inklings were announced as new playable characters, and while we couldn’t be more excited, it wasn’t exactly a bombshell. Splatoon is Nintendo’s newest successful IP and it was expected that they would appear in the next Smash. But surely they can’t be the only new characters, right? At this point, we can only hope. And to that end, let’s take a look at the 10 Smash Bros Switch roster additions we want to see in the new game.

Knuckles | Sonic the Hedgehog

smash bros switch knuckles

This one is a bit personal to me. I grew up with two older brothers, meaning in Sonic 3, I was always stuck playing Knuckles because “we can’t all be Sonic.” It would be a real treat to be able to punish my brothers with Knuckles in 2018. Sibling rivalry aside, Knuckles is an extremely popular character and would be universally welcomed in the Smash Bros roster.

Spring Man | Arms

smash bros switch arms

Nothing against Arms, but I think Smash Bros is really where Spring Man belongs. That insane reach combined with brawler characteristics would make for one hell of an opponent. Too often, a new character joins the game only to end up a near replica of another character. With Spring Man, players would have access to an entirely new style of gameplay with exclusive mechanics to throw off opponents. Considering he’s from a Nintendo IP released after the most recent Smash game and that he’s literally a boxer, this is another one we can pretty much count on to appear in the new Smash.

Blastoise | Pokemon

smash bros switch glass joe

Ever since I first witnessed Blastoise burst from his Poke Ball in the original Smash Bros. and blast away my enemies with his water cannon, I’ve dreamed of the giant turtle becoming a playable character. In an interview, one of Brawl‘s developers claimed they were considering adding Blastoise as a playable character before going with Squirtle instead. Come on, Blastoise or Squirtle? Bit of a no-brainer.

Glass Joe | Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out

smash bros switch glass joe

 Who doesn’t love a good underdog story? Punch-Out’s Glass Joe was essentially a punching bag for you to test out the game’s mechanics. In the end, you were left with a vague sense of guilt for pummeling such a terrified, defenseless opponent. It’s like his mom forced him into the competition because he needed to “toughen up.” All that aside, developing Glass Joe as a Smash Bros. fighter could prove a challenge, but I see it as an opportunity for Nintendo to come up with a creative advantage that would make him a viable character choice. Maybe he’s so pitiful that he makes other characters feel bad for him and throw the fight?

Viewtiful Joe | Viewtiful Joe

smash bros switch viewtiful joe

Viewtiful Joe 1 and 2 are two of the more underrated titles on GameCube, with the fast-paced side-scrolling beat-em-ups spruced up by classic Nintendo flair. In terms of combat characteristics, I imagine Joe would resemble a cross between Sonic and Little Mac. Light on his feet, but more controlled than sonic. Powerful, yet balanced. Unfortunately, it’s somewhat unlikely that Nintendo resurrects a character they’ve ignored for so long. At the same time though, Nintendo isn’t exactly known for being predictable.

Toad | Super Mario Bros

smash bros switch toad

Where has Toad been all these years? Sure, we all remember seeing how long we could bounce on his head, but that doesn’t mean he can’t fight back. As Jigglypuff taught us, never underestimate a Smash Bros character. In fact, Toad’s been a playable character in plenty of Mario games dating back to Super Mario Bros 2, where speed and strength were his strong suits. Considering Yoshi has been a character since day one, I think Toad’s introduction to the Smash Bros roster is long overdue.

Waluigi | Super Mario Bros

smash bros switch waluigi

Waluigi gets a bit of a bum rap, primarily for acting like a huge jerk for all these years. But I think, beneath his grizzly exterior and nasally whine, he’s just a misunderstood soul in need of some love. Maybe he’s just mad that he’s been essentially ignored throughout the Smash Bros franchise, reduced to an Assist Trophy where he’s manifested as an alternate costume for Mario and Luigi. Harsh, man. Seriously though, Waluigi would make an engaging brawler with perhaps more reach and a softer punch than Mario and Luigi.

Wizzrobes | Breath of the Wild

smash bros switch breath of the wild

These skipping, flying bastards are some of the most infuriating enemies in Breath of the Wild. As soon as you think you’ve lined up your shot, they disappear and attack you from behind. There are six different types of Wizzrobes in the game: Fire, Ice, Electric, Meteo, Blizzrobe, and Thunder. They could appear as one character with the ability to switch between the different types on command, maybe attached to a cool-down timer.

Shovel Knight | Shovel Knight

smash bros switch shovel knight

The name alone is really all you need to know here; it’s a big knight with a shovel. Shovel Knight can attack enemies by smacking them with a shovel or performing an overhead attack similar to Link’s pogo move from Smash BrosShovel Knight has developed a massive cult following since its release in June 2014, so it wouldn’t be a complete surprise to see Shovel Knight join the Smash Bros. family.

The Rabbids | Raving Rabbids

smash bros switch rabbids

Mario’s collab with the Rabbids for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle could point to their future on Smash Bros Switch, and honestly, I hope it does. They sound like the kind of characters you would use purely to annoy your friends. I visualize them as a duo or trio that you control simultaneously like the Ice Climbers, doubling or tripling their potential to drive your opponents insane.

Let us know in the comments which characters you want to see in the upcoming Smash Bros game for Nintendo Switch, releasing some time in 2018.